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Family Agreements

Family agreements allow you to control your family’s future in both good times and bad.

Many clients only think of them in the bad contexts and wrongly try to avoid them out of either a sense of optimism or a belief that it could never happen to them.

But the truth is that family agreements can help everyone.

Financial Agreements Family law

In good times, family agreements help strengthen relationships. Many marriages and other relationships fail or have difficulties because of disagreements over money. 

Often, these started as small issues that simmered over time as neither person was willing to bring them up.

When you create a family financial agreement, it forces you to sit down and have a detailed, honest talk about finances. 

This helps both to make sure you’re on the same page from the beginning and to make it easier to talk about money in the future when things change.

Family Law Agreements

In bad times, the benefit to a financial agreement is obvious. Instead of resorting to a costly legal battle, you can fall back on your original agreement. 

This gives you an objective and neutral way to resolve even the most bitter arguments in a heated divorce (at least as far as finances are concerned).

Book a Meeting With a ClearWay Lawyer

If you’re planning for the unexpected, are you sure you know what to expect?

We use our years of experience resolving family disputes to help you take proactive steps to reduce the chances of the same thing happening to you. 

We encourage you to book a meeting with one of our family lawyers to discuss your goals and how to achieve them.

Our family law firm often gets asked if it is required to have a lawyer for child support or spousal support. We always suggest at a minimum booking a consultation with a family lawyer before signing any documents.

Family Law Contract Work

Even though it is possible to sign or agree on spousal support without a lawyer, it is important that both parties understand their rights and obligations.

There are three different ways to book a consultation with our contract work family lawyers:

  1. Use our 24/7 booking system (easy to use)
  2. Call us on our toll-free number at 844-466-6LAW (529)
  3. Fill out the form on this page (best)

Financial Agreements Family Law

Financial Agreements Family Law

Some of our lawyers offer free 30-minute consultations, some charge for an hour consultation. It depends on how senior the lawyer is. 

We have multiple locations which can be seen at the bottom of this page, and welcome your call at 844-466-6LAW (529) or fill out the form on this page.

Paid consultations include actual legal advice and not just a consultation. We’re conveniently located, so you can get answers from our family agreement lawyers without going out of your way.

We offer both preparation of your family agreements as well as legal coaching. This allows you to decide how much you want to take on yourself and to control your costs.

Why You Need a Family Agreements Lawyer 

Our family agreement lawyers use their experience resolving disputes to help other families avoid the same types of problems. 

Our goal is to help you strengthen your bonds and to prepare for the day when your relationship comes to an end.

We help you in the following areas:

  • Identifying your goals.
  • Helping you find the right to
  • Finding common ground and working through areas of disagreement.
  • Ensuring that the legal technicalities are met so that your agreement will later hold up in court.
  • Updating your agreement when your goals or life circumstances change.
  • Enforcing the agreement in court in the event of a divorce or other dispute.
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  • FAQ

    What Is a Family Trust Agreement?

    We have never heard of a family law trust. However, you can create a family trust. This is a trust that follows your rules for making payments to family members. It can include monthly payments to those that benefit from the trust.

    How do Former Spouses Agree to Resolve Family Law Disputes?

    The best way is to hire a lawyer to do a separation agreement. This is often the least expensive way to resolve a family law dispute.

    Is a Verbal Agreement Legally Binding in Family Court?

    If it's hard to prove, it's going to be very challenging to enforce it. Always get a witness and things in writing. Never found on verbal agreements.