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We have put together this article to explain how to do family law appeals. When you file an appeal, the original judge loses the power to make further decisions.

If regular family law court is complex (Provincial Court and Supreme Court), then family law appeals are even more so. Doing an appeal without a lawyer is impossible for most people.

When someone is unhappy with court decisions, they can try and appeal the decision. On TV, it’s normally all about trials. With appeals, it’s normally a bunch of senior judges looking at the laws and if a mistake was made.

Judges make decisions. Judges are lawyers who were given the opportunity to become a judge. Often the main criteria to be a judge is the number of years in the profession. Further, that the lawyer has done a lot of community service.



Can I Appeal a Family Court Decision?

It depends on what level of court the decision was made at. If the decision was made at the provincial level, it’s not too hard to get it reviewed. If it was made at a upper court level, it’s very hard. However, not impossible.

How Long Does an Appeal Take in Family Court?

It’s not possible to provide any timeline on this in a general way. You need to speak to a lawyer today

How Long Do I have to Appeal a Family Court Decision?

It depends on which court the decision was made at. Each court has their own rules.