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Good Family Lawyer Kelowna

Good Family Lawyer Kelowna

Are you looking for legal advice for family law from a Kelowna family lawyer? Our lawyers serve the entire of the province of BC. It’s our goal to keep you out of court and save you money. We encourage our clients to do mediation, arbitration and negotiate agreements instead of going to court.

We have lawyers that can help you with your family law issues in Kelowna.

Family law matters, so find a law firm you can trust.

Why don’t many family lawyers recommend going to court? Because the average person doesn’t want to spend $20,000 on their family law matters.

Most of the people that contact our BC lawyers are looking for separation agreements, cohabitation agreements, custody agreements, or marriage agreements. Some are common law already and are looking for help in protecting their property.

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Before hiring a lawyer, we highly recommend checking the online reviews (Google Maps and Facebook) of law firms and lawyers.

Many people that call are looking for parenting time, and their ex might be ignoring them, or might even have a no-contact order against the caller. We can start by sending legal letters to your spouse to find out what’s going on, and demand parenting time.

If you want to reach our Kelowna family lawyer, you can explain your case to our intake team. If we can help you, we will walk you through the simple process and connect you with the lawyer to start the legal process.

Kelowna Family Lawyers- Get Help Now

It is our goal to resolve disputes without you having to spend a massive amount of money on going to the family law court.

We can also assist you with child and spousal support issues by using our advanced software, called Divorcemate. Don’t use online calculators as they only take a few things into account. Family law is a lot more complicated than the average person thinks.

Family law matters are complicated and it’s great to have someone with experience who can help you. You want to move away from frustration and towards clarity and peace as soon as possible.

Kelowna Family Lawyer Separation And Divorce Services

  • Legal advice
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Help with restraining orders
  • Property division
  • Family property issues
  • Spousal support
  • Help with common law disputes
  • Separation agreements
  • Marriage agreements
  • Custody agreements

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Best Divorce Lawyers In Kelowna

In any case, we want the best lawyer that can represent us and win. But of course, it doesn’t always work out that way.

When talking to a lawyer you’re planning to hire, be honest in how much you can work with.

A well-known lawyer will always be assumed to be expensive, but depending on what you want to achieve, it doesn’t mean that they can’t present solutions that will fit your budget.

There are many divorce mistakes to avoid, so reach out to us to protect your family. Further, you can speak to us via the live chat function in the bottom right of the screen.

You’re done with searching and you got 20 possible lawyers to consider – please do yourself a favour and narrow it down to just five.

You just need 1 to represent you, not a whole army. Meeting with your potential lawyers is good for you since you’ll have a feel if they’re just there for your money or if they care about your situation.

Working With A Kelowna family lawyer

Anyone can fake an empathetic voice over the phone, but seeing a genuine sincere gesture face to face is different.

Listen to how they discuss and observe the approach they’ll take on your case. Does it sound like someone selling you insurance? Or does it sound like someone confident that they will get the job done for you? Only you can figure that out.

Now that you’ve created your list, met some of the lawyers you’re interested to work with. Once you think that you’ve found the perfect one for you, you are on your way!

However, before signing on something, make sure you verify with the Law Society of Canada. Further, they will make sure that the lawyer you will be choosing has a good standing and is licensed properly.

Choosing the right lawyer for the job takes time. It’s not something that you decide on a whim. Consider all the previous tips before deciding. Remember the reasons why you need to win this case.

In conclusion, if you want to learn more about working with a Kelowna family lawyer, see our videos.