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Dealing with a legal issue is not fun. It’s extremely stressful and the outcome of the case can change your life. Of course, this change can be positive or negative. The problem is that getting justice can be expensive. A lot of Canadians don’t want to spend $2000-5000 on a lawyer. The reason for this is that Canadians are accustom to getting professional help for free from doctors.

In Canada, people can go see a doctor at a clinic and they don’t have to pay for it. In the US, people hire lawyers a lot more often than in Canada. Also, this is probably because Americans are used to paying for a doctor.

In Canada, we do not have universal legal coverage. There is a program that covers low-income individuals, and it’s called legal aid. However, it only covers certain areas of law. This article will explain when you can use legal aid, and when you shouldn’t.

What is the certificate?

Legal aid might provide you with a certificate. You can take this certificate to a law firm that accepts legal aid. Keep in mind that most law firms do not accept legal aid. There is no requirement for a lawyer to take on legal aid cases in Hamilton. If a lawyer does accept legal aid work, they will ask for your certificate. This certificate might say that the lawyer can bill legal aid directly (at a reduced rate) for five hours of legal work.

If you use up your five hours, the Hamilton lawyer (or you) will have to apply to legal aid for more hours. Legal aid may or may not approve the additional hours. This is why most lawyers don’t like legal aid. Let’s say the lawyer spends the five hours providing you legal advice. Further, they spend some hours preparing for a hearing.

The hearing is coming up in a few days, the lawyer won’t hear back from legal aid in time. Therefore, the lawyer might not want to attend the hearing. Also, the lawyer will have to attend the hearing and they won’t know if they will get paid.

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Who is eligible for legal aid?

You can see the list below. Keep in mind, you will have to be honest in your submission to Legal Aid. If you lie about it, and it comes out during financial disclosure later, you could be charged with fraud. Never lie to legal aid about your financials.

However, if you do qualify, legal aid can be a useful tool to get your legal case started. However, keep in mind that if you start a case, legal aid might pull your funding at any time. This can put you in a bad spot. Once you start an action, you can’t just dismiss it without paying the other side’s legal costs. You would have to get the other side’s permission to stop pursuing the case.

Legal aid mostly covers criminal law, family law, refugees, and domestic abuse.

They will not cover your business law issues or if you want to move to Canada.

Number of family members The amount of money your family earns in a year For domestic abuse cases
1 $18,795 $22,720
2 $32,131 $32,131
3 $39,352 $39,352
4 $45,289 $45,440
  5+ $50,803 $50,803
Single person $12,330

Why Legal Aid May Not Be Your Best Option in Ontario

Legal aid is the provision of assistance to people who are unable to afford legal representation and access to the court system. Further, free legal aid doesn’t the best option as you are one of the hundreds of clients the legal aid attorney handled.

We have lawyers that can handle family law legal aid work. Further, our lawyers can help with refugees, domestic abuse, and criminal. Please have your legal aid certificate ready when you contact us.

You can learn more about the law by seeing our videos.

Consult A Top Legal Aid Lawyer

Our top lawyers provide expert private lawyers in Toronto. They will give you the maximum assurance that your case will be handled well. Further, you will be guided accordingly as your process is undergoing.

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Why Legal Aid Is Not Enough | FAQs

What Cases Are Not Covered by Legal Aid?

Business law, wills and estates, general litigation, and real estate. Most areas of law are not covered by legal aid. Even if it’s an area like family law, they might not cover it. Legal aid is mainly just used for emergencies. They will likely not help someone get more money from their spouse unless it’s an emergency.

Does Legal Aid Cover Court Costs?

That is up to them. Most often, legal aid funds court costs. Further, they fund less of agreements between parties. They are more likely to fund a child custody hearing than a separation agreement. Legal aid also puts a lot of money into criminal law.

Can I appear myself?

Yes, you are allowed to do this. However, should you?

Do I need to learn the law to represent myself?


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