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Family Lawyer Oakville

Looking for an Oakville family lawyer? We know that whether you need assistance with divorce, separation, parenting plans, guardianship or mediation, you deserve to have an affordable Oakville family lawyer.

The office location is at 160 Traders Blvd East Mississauga, ON – L4Z 3K7

This lawyer should understand your situation and who will work as hard as possible to keep you informed as your case moves through the legal system.

If you need a lawyer in Oakville, call toll-free 1-844-466-6529

Our Oakville family lawyers believe that you deserve to have experienced and committed representation helping you through this difficult and challenging process. We know just how emotional and hard it can be to face the prospect of a separation or divorce. This is particularly true when there are children in your family.

The top lawyers explore alternative dispute resolution options first. For example, arbitration and mediation. Further, they will work to achieve an agreement without having to go to court where this is possible.

If you cannot resolve your case with an agreement outside of court, our dedicated Oakville family lawyers will represent you in all court proceedings. Our Oakville family lawyers are dedicated to providing you with support and guidance throughout the process. Furthermore, they offer to coach to assist you with self-representation if you wish to proceed with your case on your own.

Our lawyers can support you if you need from an Oakville family lawyer. Further, they can assist you with mediation, separation agreements, child custody, child support, guardianship, and divorce concerns.

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If you have never seen a lawyer before we realize the process can be intimidating. We want you to feel comfortable and to meet one of our lawyers prior to committing to have them represent you. We offer a no-obligation one-hour consultation.

Family Lawyer Oakville | Property Division

All of our lawyers offer free 15-minute consultations. Also, we have multiple locations which can be seen at the bottom of this page. Further, we welcome your call at 844-466-6LAW (529)

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  • FAQ

    What can I do to strengthen my family law case?

    Hiring a lawyer will definately improve your chances. If you want to try the case yourself, then you need to be willing to study the various Acts for many months. You might want to consider taking time off work.

    How do I choose a good family law lawyer?

    You can let us do it for you. ClearWay Law interviews lawyers and only allows the best lawyers to help people that reach out to us. If lawyers make too many mistakes, they are gone.

    Is family law civil law?

    Yes, there is criminal law and civil law. Family law is civil law because it is between two people. But some courthouses have a special area (and forms) for family law. That's because there is so many family law disputes.