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Getting a separation is a complicated process. This is especially true when you have a family. Both ex-spouses have to decide on who will have legal guardianship of the children.

They also must discuss the amount of child support to provide and other factors. Are you having marriage problems? Does neither person know what to do next? You need an experienced family lawyer in Ottawa.

The lawyers can assist with:

  • getting a court order
  • creating a separation agreement or reviewing it
  • spousal support
  • custody and access
  • marriage contracts
  • legal advice about the Divorce Act
  • explaining the legal process

Client Relationship

We also have affordable family lawyers in Ottawa. Our top lawyers help you with the next steps to ensure your rights are protected. Further, they make sure that your children are taken care of during the process.

The lawyers also help with marriage mediation in Ottawa. This means you don’t have to take your case to trial. This can help cut down on your costs. Also, it helps move things forward between you and your ex-spouse.

In addition, our lawyer’s legal services also cover legal guardianship matters, adoptions, and pre-marriage agreements.

Separation And Legal Services

Sometimes both spouses decide that it is time to end the relationship. They will have to sit down and figure out how to proceed with dividing up assets.

Also, they will need to talk about legal guardianship of children and spousal support payments. Our lawyers are well versed in separation and mediation law. So our lawyers can help you get through this important negotiation process.

Our top lawyer’s separation mediation services will be based on whether you are getting uncontested separation. If you are doing a contested separation or legal separation it might be a different conversation.

The lawyers help draft legally-binding documents and work with the other party. This is with the goal of coming to an agreement. This might be an agreement regarding child guardianship and payments.

Can neither party agree to certain aspects of the separation, such as asset division? Then the experienced lawyers can provide legal representation. They can help represent you when the time comes to take your case to court to get a court order.

Areas Of Family Law

Getting Legal Guardianship In Ottawa

Becoming a legal guardian in Ontario grants you certain rights. These include being able to make decisions for others who are under your guardianship.

You may become a guardian of a minor child who may not be related to you. You may also be the legal guardian of an incapacitated senior citizen.

They might no longer be able to make decisions on their own behalf. This might be due to factors such as a debilitating injury or disease. Further, it might be for adults who are incapacitated or developmentally disabled.

In these situations, you can make important decisions such as filing tax forms. You can also arrange for in-home care or deciding on what school the child will attend.

You need to better understand your new role as a guardian. As well, you need to know which decisions you are allowed to make. Further, you must know what decisions will need judicial approval.

Therefore, you should reach out to a lawyer in Ottawa. The lawyers can inform you about the rights you have during these circumstances.

Lawyer In Ottawa

One of the top concerns for separating and divorcing parents focuses on who will have custody of the children. Is it going to be one parent that has sole custody and takes care of the children all the time?

Are they going to split custody? Will one parent has custody of some of the children? Further, will the other parent will have custody of the remaining kids? Or will there be a joint custody agreement?

You need to figure out what type of custody arrangement would be best. This is for all the children and both spouses.

Therefore, get in touch with a lawyer who is well versed in child custody matters for Ottawa, Ontario. The lawyer in Ottawa can explain your rights under each type of agreement.

Further, they can explain what would be best for your particular circumstances. In addition, as a child protection lawyer in Ottawa, they can help protect the best interests of young and older children.

If you plan to represent yourself during a child custody hearing, you might be in for a difficult time. However, our professional lawyers can also provide legal coaching.

So you will know what to do when going against the other family lawyer in a court setting.

Custody And Access Ottawa

Are you in a dispute with an ex-spouse regarding spousal support payments? Maybe it’s regarding child custody or how to separate your assets?

Seek out the family law lawyers in Ottawa who can handle your case. A lawyer in Ottawa can offer their years of legal representation to couples who are making big family decisions that will impact the rest of their lives.

We also help couples before they get married. Our family lawyers in Ottawa will draft marriage agreements such as prenuptial agreements.

These services are ideal when you are bringing certain assets into the marriage. You might want to keep these assets separate. It can also help if it’s your second marriage. You might want certain assets to go to the previous spouse and their children.

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