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Sudbury Family Lawyer

Ontario Family Law 

Sudbury Family Lawyer

Are you looking for a Sudbury family lawyer? If you landed on this page, chances are you Googled us and saw that we have many 5-star ratings on Google Maps and Facebook. We worked hard to get those ratings. Things can get very complicated with family law, and we wanted people to come out of their legal issues stronger than before.

Our family lawyers are dedicated to service. Also, our top lawyers offer “law for families” which means you can protect what is most important.

Statistics from the 2018 Legal Trends Report show that hiring a lawyer helps clients. 34% of people that hired a lawyer were happy with the outcome of their legal issue, versus 23% of people that did it by themselves.

12% of people that took care of the legal issue by themselves had a terrible time, versus 4% of people that hired a law firm. The report confirmed that people receive a large benefit when they get legal help from a lawyer.

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Ontario Family Law 

There are two main reasons that someone decides to hire a law firm:

  1. The issue was being too serious to take care of on their own.
  2. The client knew that a lawyer could help them.

There was an interesting statistic that came from the report, and that was that only 25% of people thought that hiring a family lawyer was affordable. Because of this, our top lawyers wanted to offer affordable legal fees. Further our lawyers can flat fee most things, like custody agreements and separation agreements.

If you want to see if we can offer a flat fee for you to work with a Sudbury family lawyer, you can reach out to us via the live chat function in the bottom right of the screen.

We make hiring a lawyer simple and fast. Also, you get what you need, and you don’t pay for things that you don’t need. Our affordable lawyers do not push clients towards services that are less expensive by keeping them out of court.

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When dealing with family law issues, it’s important to have a top lawyer. Separation and divorce can ruin your life, so make sure you get legal advice.


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Why are we trying to change the legal industry? The legal sector needs to change. We want to ensure that people have the chance to access to legal support when they need it and have the best experience given their tough situations. We want law firms to be inclusive to lawyers who practice law regardless of their personal circumstances.

Sudbury Family Lawyer | What Are We Doing Differently?

We work as a family to offer a range and choice of services for consumers with clarity over-pricing and services. The lawyers will support you as little or as much as you want, depending on your needs and budget.

Clearway Law is digital, dynamic, and flexible:

  • Using our flexible work approach to provide clients with excellent results, while also achieving one’s desired work-life balance.
  • Harnessing all our online tools to engage with the firm and our clients, while delivering exceptional client experiences
  • Bringing a high level of ambition and engagement while creating amazing client results and experiences

If you are looking for a Sudbury family lawyer, please reach out to our lawyer service. We can connect you to a top lawyer (or several). Further, it’s good to speak to multiple lawyers before picking one.

Read more about Canadian law below:

Sudbury Lawyer Legal Services

  • Marriage agreements
  • Separation agreement
  • Common-law agreements
  • Custody agreements
  • Independent legal advice (contract review)
  • Getting ready for court
  • Teaching you how to do legal work yourself (hourly rate)
  • Wills
  • Probate
  • Small business

We don’t offer our lawyers pricing list online. Therefore, reach out to our intake team via the live chat function or call us toll-free at 1-844-466-6529

Family law can be extremely complicated, let us show you the clear way. We will listen to your legal issues and tell you what you should do. Some people call in with complicated problems and we can tell them what they need is a custody agreement. This helps them narrow down their thoughts and what they need to do.

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We can explain that we will create a custody agreement for them, and then send it to their spouse. Further, their spouse then needs to get independent legal advice.

Want to learn more about family law? Visit our YouTube to watch some of our family law videos.

In conclusion, you can see an interesting video on the separation below.