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Affordable Vancouver Family Lawyers

Are you looking for a family lawyer in Vancouver? Further, are you planning to get married? Is your family going through a divorce? Our top family lawyers can help you. The Vancouver lawyers on our platform have more than 10 years experience. One of the lawyer’s office is located at 320 Columbia Street, Unit 2 New Westminster, BC V3L 1A6.

We also have another family lawyer located at 1477 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6G 2S3. By appointment only. He used to be a crown prosecutor.

Therefore, if you need a family lawyer or separation lawyer, call us:

Legal Issues Arising From Separation And Divorce

If you are at work and can’t use the phone, reach out to us via the live chat function. It’s a discrete way to send us your information. Further, we can then have one of our lawyers call you back at a time when you have privacy. Also, you can simply email back and forward with the lawyer instead.

The lawyers on our platform will help explain the separation costs and processes. ClearWay Law has a simple process, which is why we call ourselves a “clear way”. If you need legal advice, it’s time to speak to a dispute resolution lawyer.

Our legal counsel can provide you with child and spousal support legal advice. If you are in a common-law relationship, they can explain the complexities of the law.

The top lawyers can also assist you with divorce cases, prenuptial agreements, division of property, family law, and divorce.

Separation Agreements | Spousal Support

Hire A Lawyer Who Has Success. When you are looking into divorce lawyers, it’s important to know how hiring a lawyer works. Let’s say that you need legal advice or legal services. First of all, make sure you are not looking for “family law attorney” or “law attorney” as those are American terms. We also don’t call it an “attorney-client relationship.” Instead, we say lawyer-client privilege. You will need to find a “lawyer”, which is the term for Canada.

Queen’s counsel is the term for a very senior, and therefore expensive lawyer. These lawyers have been practicing for a long time, and they might charge $600-1000 an hour. Average Canada might only be able to afford legal fees of $250-350/hour, so it’s important to know your budget. If you are looking for the best lawyer, and you can afford it, a Queen’s counsel lawyer might be a good fit for you.

These are big law firms in Vancouver, such as Ylaw Group and Maclean Law. And there are also many sole practisers or small law firms.

Dispute Resolution | Family Lawyer Vancouver

When you are having disputes with your spouse, it’s a good idea to speak to a lawyer. They can explain your options regarding domestic agreements. You might be able to agree to spousal support in a separation agreement.

It’s also important to know if you are looking for a dispute resolution or a collaborative law lawyer. If you plan to find things out in court, these types of law lawyers would not be a good fit. Instead, you might search for a “family law disputes” lawyer instead.

Some people have created a parenting plan and are looking for a lawyer to communicate for them. Sometimes the other side might simply be acting difficult. When a lawyer sends the parenting plan, the other side takes it seriously.

There are specific issues involving a relationship breakdown. The family lawyers will help clients overcome their family law issues when marriages break down. It can mean putting together custody and parental arrangement. Also, it could be helping with child and marital support disputes.

Vancouver Family Lawyers | Family Law Planning

Many people hire a top lawyer to help with their claim to commercial interests. When going through a divorce, you also must discuss how assets will be allocated and distributed. Also, there are often fighting inheritances and properties held previous to the partnership.

The best family lawyers also deal with a range of planning problems at all levels of a family’s life.

This can include:

  • Arranging marital and cohabitation contracts
  • Preserving personal property
  • Parent’s gifts
  • Family trusts
  • Estate and inheritance
  • Insurance funds from negligence or job claims
  • Protecting assets

Experienced Vancouver Family Lawyer | Work Hard To Get Results

The average contested divorce can take three to five years to resolve. We work hard to get your issue resolved in one to two years.

The average contested divorce will cost you more than $10K in legal fees. Our lawyers on average can get the issue resolved for around $4K.

We try and keep things out of court if possible. You want to avoid nasty affidavits being filed in the public court.

You might have damaging evidence against your spouse. However, they will likely have some things you don’t want to be made public as well.

We have a support team that makes sure the lawyers are doing a great job on your file. Many law firms don’t have support teams.

Our lawyers focus on family law. Make sure whichever lawyer you hire has a ton of experience with family law. Some lawyers do real estate 40%, business law 40%, and family law only 20% of the time.

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  • FAQ

    How does arbitration works?

    If you are your partner agree, you can keep things mostly out of the court. You can hire a third party (called an arbitrator) and give them judge like powers. Both you and your partner need to agree to this.

    How much does a Vancouver family lawyer cost?

    The hourly rate normally varies depending on experience. You can expect $250-600/hour. Some things can be a flat fee. You should ask this to the lawyer during the consultation.

    How long does the divorce process take in Vancouver?

    Have you and your spouse have already been separated for a year? Therefore, it can go fast ( a few months). However, if you and your spouse are fighting, you can expect it to go on for years.