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The first step is for you to contact us with your information. You need to explain where you are located. Further, you need to explain about your legal issues. Then our team will pass on the information to a lawyer near you. The lawyer will contact you directly to provide legal advice. 64% of phone calls to law firms don’t get answered. Therefore, we have built ClearWay Law to improve the legal industry.

The top lawyers take a considerate approach to every one of their client’s cases. They understand that this is a hard time in someone’s life. The divorce lawyers want to make sure they can help to the best of their abilities. This is done by providing the most upstanding service.

Family Court Process

A lot of people don’t understand what typical court proceedings look like. They are stressed when it comes to going to court for common family law matters such as divorce and child support. They also don’t understand how long a case might take. Further, they don’t know what a party might need in order to a judgement in their favour.

Each of these questions would take hours to explain. If you want to know what a typical court proceed looks like, you can attend. The courts are open to the public. Seeing the court proceedings is the best way to prepare for family law court.

A family law case can go on for months or years. If you handle the separation or divorce properly, your legal issues will likely be solved much faster.

The Family Law Act

People always confuse the family law act with the divorce act. To make matters worse, there is a family law act in both Ontario and British Columbia. They are not the same.

The family law act is provincial (governs the rules of the province.)

The divorce act is federal and applies to each province.

Some matters can be resolved in either provincial or superior court.

Each province has its own rules. For example, common-law might be two years in BC. In other provinces, it might be three years.


Marriage is often administered by Vital Statistics Canada. If you wish to end your marriage, you need an annulment or divorce.



Cohabitation is normally provincial. Common-law rules are different in each province.


Child Support

All matters regarding a child during separation are in the best interests of the child. There are guidelines for how much each parent should pay for the child.



If you are doing a separation, but not divorce, then you are likely common-law. You also might not be common-law, but might have a child together. As you can see, family law can be very complicated.



A divorce ends a marriage. A judge needs to agree with your divorce plan ( often a separation agreement) before they will approve the divorce. There are other criteria that need to be met. The judge needs to believe that you will never get back together.


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