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Family Lawyer Vaughan Ontario

Are you looking for help with family law in Vaughan? Family law disputes can be the hardest things to deal with. 

Some people would rather go to prison for a year than deal with divorce battles. If a judge ordered that you lost custody of your child, would you rather go to jail? Our point is, take family law seriously.

Let’s say for example you are separation. You now need to worry about where your child is going to live. Are you planning to take care of the child 80% of the time? Will the other spouse agree?

If the other spouse does agree, how are you going to afford it? Also, are you going to sell the house you currently live in? Will the proceeds go 50/50?

Family Lawyer Vaughan Ontario

What are your rights? Will you get or have to pay child support?

These are extremely important questions. When going through a divorce or separation in Vaughan, you should book a consultation. This should be with a family law firm that can explain alternatives to court.

This content will help you understand some of the common family law issues. These family law services include creating a separation agreement, child support and spousal support. 

Amicable Divorce Vaughan

Our divorce lawyers have been focusing on family law for many years. You can trust their experience and knowledge.

Read on to learn more about Canadian law before booking initial consultations with a lawyer. However, once you are ready to speak to a lawyer, you can call us below. 

Also, you can fill out the form on this page or reach out via live chat.

Amicable Divorce Vaughan

How We Deal With Family Law Cases

The first step is for you to contact us with your information. You need to explain where you are located. Further, you need to explain about your legal issues. 

Then our team will pass on the information to a lawyer near you. The lawyer will contact you directly to provide legal advice. 64% of phone calls to law firms don’t get answered. 

Therefore, we have built ClearWay Law to improve the legal industry.

The top lawyers take a considerate approach to every one of their client’s cases. They understand that this is a hard time in someone’s life. 

The divorce lawyers want to make sure they can help to the best of their abilities. This is done by providing the most upstanding service.

Vaughan Family Court Process

A lot of people don’t understand what typical court proceedings look like. They are stressed when it comes to going to court for common family law matters such as divorce and child support

They also don’t understand how long a case might take. Further, they don’t know what a party might need in order to a judgement in their favour.

Each of these questions would take hours to explain. If you want to know what a typical court proceed looks like, you can attend. 

The courts are open to the public. Seeing the court proceedings is the best way to prepare for family law court.

A family law case can go on for months or years. If you handle the separation or divorce properly, your legal issues will likely be solved much faster.

Family Law – Vaughan FAQs

Below are some questions that our Vaughan family lawyers and attorneys often get asked.

Is a girlfriend immediate family?

Family is subjective and isn’t a legal term. Your girlfriend might be a common-law partner. You may have legal rights and obligations to her.

However, if you have a child together, then you must deal with family law if you separate.

Are in-laws immediate family?

This isn’t a legal question. Our family lawyers rarely deal with in-law disputes.

Sometimes in-laws might try to get guardianship of a child if the parents are neglecting the child.

How do my ex and I decide a schedule for when our child stays with us?

You should create a parenting plan. A top family lawyer can help you with this. Both you and your ex will sign the plan.

If either of you breaks the agreement, the other person can take them to court.

In conclusion, if you want to learn more about family law, see our videos.

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