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Waterloo Family Lawyers

Waterloo Family Lawyers

Are you looking to hire a law firm or speak to Waterloo family lawyers? We can also help you with finding a paralegal or legal coach.

Always ensure you are at the courthouse at least 15 minutes early. This enables you to find your specific courtroom and get through the security check. Most courthouses have security checks at their main entrance. If you are late for your court appearance some judges will proceed on your matter without you. This could have drastic effects on your family law matters. It could be very expensive if you then need to try and change the order the judge issued in your absence.

When in front of a judge, only speak when you are being addressed by the judge directly. There will be times where you want to speak out against what the other party is saying. If you do so out of turn a judge is more likely to become angry with you. This does not help you present your point. The judge will acknowledge you and ask for you to present your points. This is why it is best to have a lawyer represent you at this point in your family law matter.

Family court is not a comfortable place. It can be nice to have a lawyer attend for you.

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Support, Custody, and Access In Ontario

Your family lawyer will be familiar with the rules of court and how to properly present your case without angering the judge. It will likely be hard for you to sit in court and bite your tongue instead of speaking out. But that is by far the best approach in legal proceedings.

When attending with your lawyer, you are typically not allowed to speak directly to the judge. This is unless they invite you to voice an opinion or provide a specific answer to a question. For more details on how to prepare for attending family law court in Ontario make sure to contact us.

If you are dealing with child protection, you want to act quickly. You don’t want anything to happen to your child. Therefore, make sure you get legal advice as soon as possible. Further, the lawyers can also assist with child and spousal support. There are a lot of family law rules, and things can get confusing. If your matter is in the superior court of justice, then the rules will be more strict. Provincial courts, versus the Superior Court, are normally more relaxed.

Support, Custody, and Access In Ontario

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If you lose your case at the superior court of justice, you might have large costs awarded against you. There are large dangers to self-representing. Do not take family law casually.

We have many locations in Ontario, with lawyers in different cities. Further, we have top lawyers in different parts of Toronto.

Are you looking for a Waterloo family lawyer? People often think of family law as fighting things out in court over a divorce. However, family law can be very diverse. It can include cohabitation agreements, estate planning, property division, and spousal support. It can also include planning to get married. An example of this would be marriage contracts.

Only lawyers can provide legal advice. While it might be helpful to speak to your friend about their family law issue, that’s not legal advice. You need an expert to tell you what you should do. Every situation is different.

This article will provide you with legal information about how to handle family law in the Kitchener/ Waterloo area.

We Provide Family Law and Other Legal Services in Waterloo

It doesn’t matter how you come to need the services of Waterloo family lawyers. Our dedicated family law lawyers know what it is like to be in the situation of needing support from a professional.

Our lawyers also have experience in other areas of law. Many areas of law go together. For example, family law and criminal law sometimes go together. Domestic abuse is often tied to family law disputes. This might be true, or a false claim.

Also, we have affordable real estate lawyers that can help you sell your property when you do property division.

We have business lawyers that can help you sell your business during a divorce. Or the lawyer can help you rewrite the shareholder agreement to get your spouse out of the company. Sometimes the companies assets (like a truck) will get caught up in the divorce.

Our Waterloo Family Lawyers Tackle Separation and Divorce

Our affordable lawyers are here to provide you with a clear understanding of what to anticipate in the process of divorce and separation. Having information before filing something with the courts is important. Once you start an action (or claim), you can’t take it back without the approval of the other side. Once the other side takes on legal costs, they will want reimbursement from you if you want to stop the claim.

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Waterloo Family Lawyer Will Address Mediation or Arbitration

We will address any forms of family alternative dispute resolution that may enable you to achieve a satisfactory outcome. Divorce proceedings are stressful, and it’s important to have someone in your corner to help you. Before starting to fight things out in court, it’s important to see if you can reach an agreement. A divorce case can cost between $1500-massive amounts of money. The divorce process can last from months to many years.

You should try mediation or arbitration. Mediation is when a third party helps guide you towards the signing of a separation agreement. You can also use two lawyers to correspond with each other by email to see if an agreement can be reached.

Arbitration is often more expensive than courts, but much faster. Instead of waiting years for a trial, you can have one in months. The reason it is more expensive is that you have to hire a private judge (the arbitrator.)

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Waterloo Family Lawyer Will Look into Family Agreements

Our affordable lawyers will look into family agreements related to cohabitation. They help prepare a low-cost cohabitation agreement. This will protect your legal rights when you are common law. Make no mistake, people can have obligations to each other when they are common-law. When you are doing a cohabitation agreement, you will still have to do financial settlements. This is also true for marriage agreements.

For separation, the lawyers will help you with the financial settlements, grounds for divorce, and explain the divorce process (if not common-law.)

You should speak to a lawyer today to find out the divorce cost. If you do things right in family law, you can get a family agreement signed. These documents normally cost around $1500-2000. However, if you need to go to the family law court, it can cost you $10,000. Therefore, it’s important to get legal advice to see if a family agreement is right for you.

Clearway’s Family Lawyers in Waterloo Can Help with Self-Representation Coaching

Many people find it challenging to represent themselves in family law issues. Our Waterloo family lawyers will advise you about the process and how to prepare yourself best so that you feel comfortable expressing your best interests.

This is a great service. You can pay the lawyer at their hourly rate only when you need them. Before a hearing, you might have some questions. These questions might be about the court process. At what time do you need to file documents? Which forms do you need to file and when? If the opposing party files a form, which form do you need to file?

What happens if you or the other side don’t file a form in time? Should you even respond to the other side’s form? These are all questions you could ask a lawyer during self-represented coaching.

You can learn more about our key values here.

Click here to watch videos about family law. Contact if you want to speak to Waterloo family lawyers.

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Waterloo Family Lawyer FAQs 

Can a Family Member Represent You in a Divorce?

No, they cannot represent you. Only a lawyer can represent you. However, a judge might allow a family member to speak for you if you are unable for some reason. The judge can make the decision. The other side will likely object to anyone speaking for you who is not a lawyer.

Can a Case Conference for Family Law Decide Custody?

The point of a case conference is to get together with the other side to discuss the case. The judges will not make rulings about custody. More likely, you will discuss the dates for the discovery of documents, financial disclosure, and the trial. You also might discuss how many days the trial will need to be.

Is family law provincial or federal?

It’s actually both. That is what makes it so confusing. Every province has their own provincial laws. But the Divorce Act also applies (and is federal.) You have to learn at least two Acts for family law.

What questions should I ask family lawyer?

It’s better to tell the lawyer about your case and answer the lawyers questions. Let the lawyer determine what is important in your case. They know what the courts will want to see.

At what age can a child decide where they want to live?

Each province has their own laws. There can be other complications as well if the child has a handicap. Common ages are 18 or 19 years old.

Do Paralegal Services Include Family Law Documents?

Paralegals often mostly deal with documents. They rarely go to court. Paralegals have strict rules for what they can and cannot do. Lawyers, however, can create documents and go to court. Paralegals do not need to go to law school. They have different training.