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Calgary Family Lawyer

An experienced Calgary family lawyer should be retained when you are going through difficult times. Are you are dealing with any of the following complicated family law issues? Mediation, guardianship, child custody, divorce, separation, family law, or child support. When dealing with separation and divorce, you need a top-rated family law firm. When you reach out to us, we will connect you with one of our lawyers. They offer free consultations and can provide you with legal advice.

You can meet the lawyers at 909 17 Ave SW 4th Floor, Calgary, Alberta. This is an appointment location only. No walk-in, please. Our phone lines are open 7 AM – 7 PM MDT Monday to Friday. Also, we take calls on the weekend. If you prefer to reach out to us by filling out the form, that works as well!

Are you going through the difficult situation of filing for a separation or divorce in Calgary? If yes, it can be one of the most challenging periods in your life. Further, this is particularly true if there are children involved. Therefore, if you are interested in protecting your relationship with them, you need to get legal advice. Our lawyers can help if you have questions about child support or the division of property.

If you need a lawyer in Calgary, call us toll-free below. Also, you can fill out the form on this page. A lawyer will call or email you back to provide legal advice. Please be as detailed as possible in your message. That will help us connect you with the right lawyer. Further, let us know if you want an affordable lawyer or the best lawyer.

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Our top lawyers are committed to helping people sort through family law issues. Also, they will work with you effectively while giving a full picture of the options available to you. We know that going through court might not be best for you or your family. Therefore, our lawyers will present you with choices to determine what is appropriate for your needs. You can speak to a family law firm about separation agreements, spousal support, or child support.

Getting the Help You Need with a Family Law Issue

Are you attempting to resolve family law issues? If yes, you need the assistance of an experienced Calgary family lawyer. They can guide you through each aspect of your case. Also, they will give you further information on how best to prepare. Litigation is not your only option for resolving Calgary family law issues. You can ask them about mediation or separation agreements.

Working with a Calgary family lawyer, you may be able to pursue alternative dispute resolution. This can include methods like arbitration and mediation. If you are successful with dispute resolution, it might keep you outside of court. Also, you will be able to get a more flexible arrangement.

Calgary Family Lawyer

Family Lawyer Calgary | Separation And Divorce

Are you unable to get an agreement signed between you and the other involved parties? Did you try using mediation or arbitration and it failed? Hiring an afforadable Calgary family lawyer will help you prepare for the court process. Furthermore, you may be able to receive self-representation coaching. This is sometimes done if you do not wish to have a lawyer to support you directly as your representative. If you want to learn about this, book a free consultation.

Do you need guidance over a separation agreement? Also, do you need assistance with all aspects of your divorce? Maybe you have questions about how the courts in Calgary review legal matters. You need a support system from a Calgary lawyer. A Calgary family law expert can guide you in the right direction.

We recommend retaining an experienced lawyer sooner rather than later. You can get a better understanding of how to proceed and avoid many of the most common mistakes people make in the family law process.

Understand how to find the best family lawyer in Calgary. Also, you should contact a family law office in Calgary immediately. If you do this, you will best position you to have a conversation about your individual needs and concerns.

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You can benefit from our lawyer’s years of experience. Also, you can feel their commitment to serving the needs of people. Our lawyers help those that are facing one of the most challenging times in their life.

Family mediation and divorce mediation can be explored as options.  This can give you the peace of mind that you have an experienced lawyer to represent you. This is helpful if you are not able to resolve these situations outside of court.

Legal Representation In Calgary | Free Consultations

Set aside time to speak to a dedicated lawyer about your case. This will help you better approach this complicated scenario with confidence and trust in your lawyer. Many different issues must be addressed in separation and divorce agreements. This can include the division of property, access arrangements for children, child support, and a parenting plan. Our top lawyers will help you understand your rights and responsibilities.

At ClearWay Law, we recognize that sometimes the best solutions to your family law issues occur outside of the courtroom. This can happen with you collaborating and cooperating with the other party. We will help you minimize your stress and costs.

Are you planning to put together a family agreement before getting married? It can help to clarify many issues and minimize the chances of conflict after the fact. When it comes to a prenuptial agreement, you need the support of an experienced lawyer.

Self-Representation Coaching | Calgary Family Law

Do you intend to represent yourself in court? If yes, you need to gather the resources provided to you by an experienced and knowledgeable Calgary family lawyer.

At ClearWay Law we recognize that there are many different confusing aspects of pursuing a family law case. Also, you may have many questions that you struggle with answering. We recognize that these sensitive and highly personal issues will prompt you to feel additional stress. Therefore, our lawyers are here to help you.

If you have never seen a lawyer before we realize the process can be intimidating. We want you to feel comfortable and to meet one of our lawyers prior to committing to having them represent you.

Some of our lawyers offer free 30-minute consultations, some charge for an hour consultation. It depends on how senior the lawyer is.

When entering the courtroom on your own, it is critical to feeling confident. It’s also important to be informed about what to expect. If you choose to represent yourself, ensure that you are appropriately prepared. You should get support provided by our Calgary family lawyers.

We have multiple locations that can be seen at the bottom of this page, and welcome your call below.

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What should you do when you plan to file for divorce? Do you intend to file for divorce? Also, do you need to get your questions answered? Your first consultation with a family lawyer in Calgary is your opportunity. Prepare an inventory of your assets and liabilities. This is important so that you can present this to your lawyer. Finding the right family law lawyers in Calgary will help you get organized. Also, it will help you prepare mentally for what will happen during the divorce.

Family Lawyer Calgary- Contact us via our live chat in the bottom right corner of the screen.

During this first meeting, you can get a sense of which issues in your case might be resolved outside of court. You will also discuss which ones might require litigation. There is no way to perfectly predict exactly how long your divorce might take. However, a family lawyer in Calgary can review the basics of your case. Further, they can give you an idea of what to expect.

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Difficult Times | Calgary Family Lawyer

Are you looking for a Calgary family lawyer? Most people realize that they need help during a divorce. Do you need assistance with putting together a cohabitation agreement prior to moving in with someone? Are you getting married and need a marriage agreement? Many of our lawyers work 100% online. This means that they can offer low rates. However, if you need a lawyer to appear for you, they are available.
Our Calgary lawyers can help you. We recognize at our Calgary family law office that it is often beneficial to explore methods of alternative dispute resolution. This should be done before committing to litigation. Our family law office has served many clients in some of the most difficult times in their lives.
We offer compassionate representation when you need a separation lawyer in Calgary. We also can help when you need a child guardianship lawyer in Calgary or a child mediation lawyer in Calgary. Our family law lawyers in Calgary offer support with alternative dispute resolution options. For example, arbitration and mediation to assist you with obtaining an agreement without having to go to court.
If we are unable to achieve an agreement outside of court, we will assist you with representation. We can be there through the litigation process. Our Calgary family lawyers will keep you informed at every stage of your litigation matter. Do you prefer to represent yourself? Our Calgary family lawyers also provide self-representation coaching. This is to ensure that you are fully equipped when representing yourself.
When going through difficult times, get all the help you can. Do a lot of research before hiring a lawyer. Also, it might be a good idea to speak to multiple law firms. You can see some commons areas of law below where a lawyer can help.

Separation and Divorce

There are many different facets of what your life will look like following a separation or a divorce. If you have children, you will need to agree on access arrangements, custody, child support, and a parenting plan. Furthermore, you need support from our Calgary family lawyers about the division of assets.

When your life is stressful, you need help right away. Do not wait for months to take action. Things rarely get better with time.

Mediation or Arbitration

Forms of alternative dispute resolution can keep you outside of court. This will encourage an agreement that is in your best interests and that both parties are able to live with. We find this process to be less stressful. Our Calgary family lawyers have extensive experience in this field. Many people don’t consider med/arb. This is a shame. Mediation is able to solve many disputes. Arbitration by written submissions can also be a great alternative to court. Find a lawyer that is open to alternative dispute options.

Family Agreements

Having an agreement is crucial before cohabitating or getting married. This helps to outline the rights and responsibilities of both parties. Our family lawyers will ensure you are appropriately protected and covered.

Also, marriage agreements are very common. Are you planning to create one? Please give the lawyer at least a month before the wedding. However, if that’s not possible, the lawyer might create it after the wedding. Also, are you already married? You can still do a marriage agreement.

What are the costs to obtain a Calgary family lawyer? Our Calgary family lawyers will sit down with you at the outset of your case. They need to learn about the facts of your situation. They can then help explain to you what you can anticipate with the costs.

Family law Calgary

Family Lawyer Calgary | Get Legal Advice From A Lawyer

We offer online chat and email support. It is our goal to be available as much as possible. Our lawyers want to help you through every phase of your case. If at any time you are unhappy with your lawyer, we can recommend a new one.

Please note some of our lawyers do not go to court as the average Canadian cannot afford it. If you need a lawyer that can go to court, we can connect you with one.

For a child custody lawyer in Calgary, make sure you research the law firm before making your final decision. Look at reviews online.

You will see that ClearWay Law has great ratings online. The outcome of your case includes important repercussions. Not just for you but for your family as well. You need to seek out a divorce lawyer in Calgary that truly cares about your legal issue.

You can also learn more about the law on our YouTube channel.