Family Lawyer Jobs

Family Lawyer Jobs

Interested in joining a law firm that allows you to work in a way that suits both you and your clients. Want to focus on the law rather than chasing work?

ClearWay Law is a growing law firm designed to work as a “family” allowing lawyers to focus on providing excellent legal advice and customer service. We recruit lawyers who share this passion and by providing a back-office solution where other specialists concentrate on everything non legal.

Assuming that client satisfaction, quality of work and fee targets are met, our lawyers achieve a work/life balance by working as they chose, whether remotely or not and with flexible hours that suit both the themselves and clients.

We are keen to hear from lawyers with at least 3 years’ experience in family law. We want those that can demonstrate a track record of excellent customer service and a desire to thrive in this environment.

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There are many lawyers who focus on unprotective activities, likely to avoid doing legal work.

Our law firm is seeking an experienced family law attorney for British Columbia or Ontario. You should have at least five years experience in family law.

We currently have one legal assistant, but we may add extra. Mostly, our lawyers manage their own files with an assistant. That being said, our law firm manages the intake and billing of the clients. Also, we take on other duties for our lawyers.

Family Lawyer Jobs In Canada

Our law firm has been spending large amounts on marketing in Ontario and British Columbia and we currently have more work than we have good family lawyers. We just expanded our law firm services into British Columbia.

We are putting out advertisements for family lawyer jobs because we need more people. All our lawyers work with us as contract lawyers. Are you looking for family lawyer jobs? Read on…

ClearWay Law focuses on family law.

We have no interest in lawyers that are bored at their jobs or just want a salary. Our law firm wants the best. We want lawyers that want to be the best. We are looking for lawyers to join us as change agents.

The below video wasn’t created by us, but we thought the video was very funny but also seems somewhat accurate. Have a watch if you have the time.

Family Law Firm

Firstly, we want lawyers that want to earn high income and provide amazing customer service. We don’t want lazy lawyers that don’t care about details. Therefore, if you are the best lawyer, you belong with us.

ClearWay Law was designed to steam line non-billable administrative tasks that help increase the client experience. Therefore, this leads to higher client satisfaction and greater income for the lawyer and the firm.

Daily administrative tasks and work related to marketing and earning new clients can take up significant time in a day, which eats away at time that could be spent on billable work.

ClearWay Law is seeking family lawyer who can provide excellent legal advice. We are a growing law firm with its head office in Toronto, Canada. Please view our website for other locations we are currently operating in. We practice family law and estate disputes. We want to get into business law in the future.

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Lawyers Need To Communicate With Their Clients

Family Lawyer Jobs

Firstly, communication with clients is the most important thing. We MUST get back to clients within 2 business days at a minimum. Most lawyers struggle with this.

*If you won’t be able to do it, please don’t apply.

We just started a large radio campaign with 680 News (spending around $20K/month) and we need great lawyers. The lawyer will work closely with the intake team to ensure retainer agreements are signed. Post retainer agreement being signed, the lawyer will do a great job communicating with the clients (48 hours max.) Yes, that was a repeat!

Family lawyer jobs- you can email hr (at)

Family Lawyer Jobs- Requirements

Must have 3+ years of experience as a lawyer, have done motions, trials, discoveries, court appearances etc, should be able to handle a file from the start to the end. Have more control over your life with flexible working hours and ability to work from home/your office. Don’t apply if you don’t have 3 years’ experience. Also, we do have senior lawyers that can mentor. But you can’t count they will always be available.

We don’t want lawyers that are afraid to go to court. You are a lawyer, go to court and help your client if needed.


  • Member in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario or British Columbia
  • Excellent interpersonal, oral and written communications skills
  • Integrity and professionalism
  • Finally, you would have 3+ years of experience

Why are we different?

  • Avoid harassment from a managing partner
  • Local decision making
  • Transparency and honesty
  • Positivity and supporting each other in our growth
  • Also, we focus on family law

What we need from you:

-You would appear on our website
-You would do a great job managing clients, communication is the most important
-The lawyer manages your own trust account. Sometimes we can do it.
-Updating client trust ledgers
-Futher, you would do recording and summarizing time entries

Before you apply, please read our article about the broken legal industry.

What we would do for you:

-Tasks related to advertising (and covering the costs)
-We would pay to set you up on our technology (Clio, Ringcentral, Microsoft 360 pro..) if needed
-We would send out retainers and work on getting them signed
-Processing client payments
-Preparing and sending invoices
-Banking duties
-Troubleshooting technology

We also have client care managers that take care of clients that have questions about bills or work done. We find that taking this off the lawyer’s plate is a major value added that ClearWay Law provides.

The ClearWay Law Advantage:

-A growing brand with a MASSIVE marketing budget
-Purchasing office supplies in bulk to save money
-Expert marketing
-Business development

Further, we offer:

-A website with very strong SEO
-Lower risk of failure for our lawyers than starting their own practice
-Our law firm manages book keeping for the lawyers
-Lawyers can work from home
-Advanced IT systems

You get to focus on being a lawyer, and we focus on being businesspeople.

Our lawyers work in association with our law firm (Devinder Brar Professional Corporation). This arrangement is made clear on our retainer agreements and on our website.

You can apply by contacting Alistair Vigier on Linkedin or by emailing hr (at)

ClearWay Law was designed to steam line non-billable administrative tasks that help increase the client experience. This leads to higher client satisfaction and greater income for the lawyer and the firm.

Daily administrative tasks and work related to marketing and earning new clients can take up significant time in a day. Further, this eats away at time that could be spent on billable work.

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*Regarding family law jobs, do not call the law firm phone line. It is for clients only.

*We do not work with talent agencies.

Legal Statistics:

As a lawyer, it doesn’t matter if you bill flat rate, on contingency, or hourly, you need to be productive to increase your hourly rate. Some law firms charge premium rates, which basically means they can bill whatever they feel like. Our law firm doesn’t do that, and we cannot believe it’s allowed. Many law firms see clients as cash cows, waiting to be milked.

As a lawyer if you charge $335 an hour, but only collect 71%, you are only earning $176/hour. Some lawyers are afraid to split with law firms, but if we can make you more productive, it’s worth it. And we will make you more productive.

In conclusion, doing admin, marketing, trying to get new clients, should be left to non-lawyers. ClearWay Law is great at generating leads and getting clients to sign up with us. How do we do this? We treat clients with respect and get back to them fast. Lawyers waste a lot of time asking for referrals and networking. Finally, leave it to non-lawyers to do. You will be surprised how much work can be done by support staff.