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Hague Convention | Family Law

What Is The Hague Convention?

Hague Convention

The Hague Convention protects children from improper adoption and being kidnapped by one of their parents. It normally is used to return a child to a country from where they were taken. The agreement was concluded in Holland in 1993. The convention sets international standards for international adoption practices and abduction. It makes sure that all adoptions that taken place are in the child’s best interests. Many countries have signed so that they can work together to get their children back home. Therefore, international custody disputes make things very complex.

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The World Is Becoming Smaller and More Interracial

People from one country often marry someone from another country. This has made family law a lot more complex. This is especially true with child custody. People often allege in the courts that the other parent has run off with the child. If the country where the child was taken from, and the country where the child was taken to, signed the Hague Convention, then something can be done.

The Hague is a city in Holland in Europe. When most family lawyers speak about the convention when a child has been abducted from a country. The parent who had the child stole from them hires a lawyer to file paperwork with the country where the child was taken. This makes the convention very useful for child custody and family law. Japan recently joined the Hague Convention which is fantastic. It makes it a lot harder to run away with a child to Japan now.

In Canada, Adoption is taken care of by the provincial courts. And the provincial courts also manage the Hague Convention. Depending on where the child was taken, your lawyer will file the right paperwork in the provincial court.

Both Countries Need To Move Ahead With The Application

The authorities in both countries must agree with the paperwork for an application under the Hague Agreement. Each country has its own way of enforcing the agreement. Hire a lawyer that has experience bringing children home from other countries. The application does not get into child custody issues. Instead, it just explains how the child was taken, and that the child should be returned.

Hague Convention- All Signing Countries Are Meant To Take Quick Action

The convention requires the return of a child in a contracting party immediately before an action constituting an infringement of custody or access rights. The convention provides that all the countries that signed the agreement act quickly to return the child to their home country. Further, the Hague Convention on Child Protection and Intercountry Adoption Cooperation (Convention) is an international agreement to safeguard intercountry adoptions and adoptions.

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Hague Convention- Applies To Children In Canada

The convention agreement is complex, so it’s best to get help from a family lawyer. In conclusion, if you want to learn more about family law, see our videos.