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Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

Are you looking for help with the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program?

You can contact us to book a consultation to talk about your immigration plans.

Please let us know if you are certain you want to go to Quebec or not.

There are other provinces that may be easier to immigrate to. Once we understand your plans, we will connect you to an immigration lawyer.

Quebec immigrant investor program financial intermediaries

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There is only one program our immigration lawyers in Quebec recommend for the investor program.

That is, the Investor Program! The cost of the program is $1.2m investment over five years in a prescribed Quebec guaranteed investment. There is also a $220,000 non-refundable fee to the government.

Some of the other provinces are much cheaper. If coming to Canada is important to you, spend a little bit of money to increase your chances.

If you make life plans and get rejected, it might ruin your future. Most immigration lawyers only charge around $2000.

If you are a business investor, the legal fees can be around $30,000 to hire a lawyer. It depends on your background and skill set.

Canadian Immigration Legal Services From A Lawyer:

  • business immigrant program
  • help you with the supporting documentation
  • express entry
  • obtain Canadian permanent residence
  • legal advice about immigration programs
  • financial intermediary
  • provincial immigration
  • Quebec immigrant investor program qiip

Province Of Quebec | Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

There is also a $20,000 legal fee to the immigration lawyer. The requirements are that you have a professional business.

You must employ two Canadian citizens. Also, you also must have a net worth of $2m. Further, there is no foreign buyers tax, a strong economy, and affordable real estate.

You might struggle with the French language. Finally, there are also very high-income taxes in Quebec.

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