Do I Have To Share My Inheritance After Divorce?

It will depend on your situation. The best thing for you to do is to get a free consultation with a lawyer. You can then learn about the process and the costs.

Legal aid does cover family law cases if you are low income. Keep in mind that many clients on legal aid do not get the same attention as regular clients. Many legal aid lawyers have hundreds of clients at the same time!

It’s actually both. That is what makes it so confusing. Every province has their own provincial laws. But the Divorce Act also applies (and is federal.) You have to learn at least two Acts for family law.

It’s better to tell the lawyer about your case and answer the lawyers questions. Let the lawyer determine what is important in your case. They know what the courts will want to see.

Each province has their own laws. There can be other complications as well if the child has a handicap. Common ages are 18 or 19 years old.

You have a lot. There is a provincial Act and a federal Act that determines your rights and obligations You should definitely speak to a lawyer about this question.

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  1. It’s up to the judge if you and your ex can’t figure it out. Never assume there is a quick answer with family law or estate law. It’s all about the statues (which are useless.) But really it’s about judge-made law. There are thousands of cases that deal with divorce and inheritance.


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