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Investment in China after COVID

Investment in China

Are you looking for a Chinese company in Canada to invest in or investment In China opportunities? Recently, a lot of investors in Canada and the United States have been trying to break into the Chinese market. If you are looking for a business opportunity in China, you have come to the right place. ClearWay Law China just set up in Shanghai, and we are looking for business partners and investors. You can see our pitch deck at the following link: ClearWay Law China.

What does the company do? We are an online marketplace for legal services. This means that we put legal information on the internet (blogs and videos) and people contact us when they are looking for a lawyer or paralegal. Some people also contact us when they are looking for a real estate agent.

After COVID, the world economy has gone to hell. There is one country that is doing okay, and that’s China. Read this article about how China is recovering faster than in other countries. Unless you are willing to wait five years for your local economy to recover post COVID-19, it’s time to start looking for opportunities elsewhere.

Our slogan is “Find a lawyer with ease.” You can learn more about our company deeper down in this article. First, let’s discuss investment in China in general. Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Steve Jobs made China a major part of their focus. Why are there not more people in western countries trying to start businesses in China or invest in Chinese companies?

This is a once in a long time opportunity to earn money. There are pros and cons to China, and we truly understand both sides of the coin.

The Greatest Money Making Opportunity

Once COVID is over, we encourage you to come to visit us in Beijing and Shanghai. Until then, we will have to communicate via Skype and email. There is so much money flowing in China, and so much wealth being created. I have been to China many times, and things change very fast. 40 years ago, people were still on rations. There was no electricity on at night, so people had to use candles.

Many people work hard in China so that their children can have a better life. 40 years ago in Shenzhen, there were only 300,000 people, and there were blacksmiths in the streets. There were no cars, buses, or high tech companies. Now there is 11 million people and Shenzhen has the economy of Russia. It had nothing 30 years ago.

Now many European companies have set up their Asia HQ in Shenzhen. There are now 400 million people going through their airport.

Now over 50% of Chinese people live in cities. This has helped remove people from poverty.

Risks And Rewards Of Investing In China

As always, there are risks and rewards of investing. It’s worth diversifying your investments into something new. Maybe you own a few houses in Vancouver or Toronto. Perhaps you have purchased some shares on the TSX. You should try something new in a foreign market.

Please take a look at our investment pitch below and let us know if you are interested in investing in China.

China has been very supportive of anything innovative. China wants to remain as the center of manufacturing in the world. Therefore, it has looked for ways to bring its costs down. Other countries like Indonesia and Vietnam have been trying to encourage companies to set up in their countries instead of China. There are government organizations that provide funding and office space for companies that want to set up there.



The Problem | Investment In China

  • Most lawyers are terrible at marketing, hard time finding new clients.
  • Clients have a hard time finding the right law firm they should hire.
  • Most of the Chinese people I know ask a friend if they know a lawyer or pick random law firms on Baidu or WeChat.
  • People in China have recently realized that personal/family/consumer legal services are extremely important and are clamoring for both referrals and general knowledge.

largest economy

Clearway Law solves this problem | Investment In China

  • Our website is fast to use (people just fill out a form or call) when they need a lawyer. We set up the consultation for them with the right lawyer for them
  • We act as their “intake,” which filters out bad leads, saving the lawyer time on pointless free consultations. Lawyers can focus on what they do best, practicing law instead of marketing.
  • We are offering detailed free legal information on our website to educate the public.

Why China?

  • Despite spending no money on marketing, we are a leader in legal services for the Chinese in Canada.
  • The legal market in China is growing each year. It’s the second-largest economy.
  • We have unique expertise in providing legal services in the Chinese community.
  • We have connections in the government of China.
  • Online platforms are an extremely popular business model in China.
  • China is experiencing unprecedented economic growth.

china economy

Chinese Company In Canada Competitive Moat

  • China also has a reputation for locally copying and undercutting foreign tech and services vendors. We have addressed this issue by becoming a Chinese company.
  • There is a first-mover advantage and the marketplace dynamic.
  • Our company is registered in China, and we have registered the ClearWay Law trademark in China. Chinese companies are comfortable stealing intellectual property from foreign companies. However, Chinese companies rarely steal from other Chinese companies, as the penalties are strict.
  • Lobbying for special status from the government as a Chinese company that has grown globally. Government support is critical in China if you want to grow.

Service Areas | Chinese Company In Canada

  • Foreign divorce
  • Lawsuits between individuals and corporations
  • Immigration
  • Real estate disputes
  • Mediation and arbitration
  • Setting up a company in China
  • Closing down a company in China
  • Inheritance battles (local or international)
  • Criminal law (getting arrested in China)

What we Need | Investment In China

  • $250,000 – 500,000 CAD.
  • This is for marketing and technology.
  • We are selling up to 50% of the company for $500K. 10% for each $100K invested. We want to raise between $250-500K.
  • With this money, we’ll hit all the milestones set out in the longer pitch deck.
  • Please have a look at the detailed pitch deck. If you want investment in China opportunities, contact us.  Thank you!

Investment In China | Foreign Direct Investment


The Chinese government is very excited about any “disruptors” that set up shop in China. Our company set up a local office in Shanghai, China. We then spoke to the Bank of China to set up a foreign exchange account (forex account.) This allows us to charge credit cards in Canada and have the money to end up in the Chinese bank account.

Basically, how it works is that a company that sends money out of China, or brings money into China, has to submit a form to the bank every month.

Let’s say your company is in Tianjin. Your Tianjin corporate account will have revenues in foreign currencies and the bank (let’s say Bank of China) will demand your forex claims as required by the state administration of foreign exchange. It’s not necessary to do the claim in person. If someone tells you to come into the bank in person, find a new banker.


Investment In China

The Chinese Company In Canada


Our company also does a lot of business in Canada. Our team has paralegals, legal assistants, and lawyers in Canada. We have a lot of people in China who contact us to deal with their international divorce or lawsuit cases. We also get people from China to contact us looking for help setting up a company in Canada, immigration to Canada, or other legal matters.

Our company was set up to bridge the legal gap between China and Canada. Both have very different legal systems. Our lawyers and paralegals in China and Canada work together to deal with the entire issue.

In the past, someone would have to hire a lawyer in Toronto to deal with their divorce in Canada. They would separate the property and debts, register the divorce, and then must restart the process in Beijing.

That costs twice as much, and it’s also twice as much stress. It’s unpleasant enough to deal with a divorce or lawsuit once, let alone deal with it twice. You can Google search us and see our 5-star reviews.


Investment In China | China Economy


Is right now the right time to expand and invest in China? Our answer is yes.

Here is why.

Companies like Canada Goose and Tim Hortons are doing extremely well in China. They have not been hurt by the trade war or SARS-2. Here is the reality, Chinese consumers are interested in foreign products. For us, we are bringing “Uber for the law” to China. While it is not a product, it’s a service that comes from a more developed legal market than China.

We have also found that we are getting more attention now than in 2018 when we first thought about growing into China. Two years ago, there were many American and Canadian companies that wanted to open in China. Investors and government resources were divided among many North American companies. Now, it seems that we are one of the few companies that started in North America that are opening in China. There is far more interest than before.

In conclusion, if you are looking for investment in China opportunities, fill out the form on the side of this page. You can also watch the documentary below.

*All investment capital raising is subject to your local security laws.

Author: Alistair Vigier 韦理德