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  1. My wife and I were scheduled to come in for the lens replacement surgery on October 12, 2021 at 9 AM. Due to the nature of the lens replacement surgery, I had to take multiple different eye drop medications starting 2 days before the surgery. The eye drop medications themselves and their amounts would vary about week to week for a total of approximately 4 weeks. On the day of the surgery, my son gave my wife and I a ride to the clinic in Hamilton where we arrived at approximately 8:45 AM so we wouldn’t be late. When my wife and I arrived at the clinic, the receptionist said that in 2 hours my wife and I would be going home, which we were happy to hear that the surgery process would be fast. I know that people with disabilities are always prioritized in medical situations, which I assumed would be my case. However, when I turned around, I immediately saw that there were many other patients already waiting and there was only one surgical room. I knew right away that the receptionist was deceiving me as my children were deceived this way before their Lasik surgery. When my wife and I sat in the waiting room, I counted about 11 other patients sitting there too who were waiting for surgery. I was waiting for a total of about 3.5 hours for my lens replacement surgery and since I am diabetic, I could not sit immobile that long. Since my glucose levels would elevate, I did lots of walking around in the area where the other patients were waiting, and I often had to go to the washroom. This was not an ideal situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which puts not only myself, but others in danger.

    After about 3 hours, I wanted to go home due to my glucose levels being elevated by the wait, but my wife persuaded me to stay. My wife and I were then called into the administration office by a lady dressed in a medical uniform with scrubs. This lady gave us additional eye drop medications due to the lens replacement surgery, and I informed that lady that since I started to take the eye drop medications that I had watery diarrhea and my glucose levels were high. That employee began to laugh at me when I brought up those concerns, and she said that she never heard that anyone could have any symptoms from those eye drop medications. She then suggested that I should eat lots of plain rice and bananas for the diarrhea, even though I am diabetic. This suggestion is very detrimental to someone who is diabetic and without 90% of their pancreas. My wife was a witness of this entire interaction. After that lady’s medical advice, I was convinced that my body was simply responding with these symptoms due to worry before the lens replacement surgery, rather than it being due to the eye drop medications themselves.

    After the lens replacement surgery, I continued with the medical eye drops as prescribed and my glucose levels were continuously going up, even passing 13 mmol. So, I had to constantly take more frequent doses of insulin to reduce those high glucose levels, despite the surgery already having been done and there being no worries whatsoever. At nighttime, I couldn’t take my night medicine since I was constantly having to fight diarrhea and my glucose level was going up. I tried to control both, including having to take additional insulin. My nightlife was completely stressful.


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