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Edward Philip Miller

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  1. I’m looking for some advice concerning my sons current situation. Which affects him myself and my granddaughter.
    His current partner is and has been causing problems between him and I. Very manipulative. Almost psychotic at times towards my son and recently towards me. Ill be moving back into the house this weekend. My son and I bought the house which is in his name. We lived there for 2 years with his daughter coming biweekly. Then JC moved in. Thats when the problems started. Shes An alcoholic in denial. He has called the police on her once and they took her to the hospital where she saw a psychiatrist that referred her to a therapist. Shes been to AA meetings a couple times but quit that and the therapist because she doesn’t believe she needs help. This has been going on for a year an half now since she moved in.
    What can be done legally to get her out of the house?…if anything. How can we protect ourselves legally?

    My son and I both have recordings of her outbursts and conversations. It has gotten to that point. Theres a lot more I can say but wanted to keep this short. Any advice would be welcome.


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Brookfield Place 1800-181 Bay St Box 754 Toronto, Ontario M5J 2T9

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