Karen Corraini

Karen Corraini

Karen Corraini

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Corraini Law Corporation

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Karen G. Corraini is a lawyer at Corraini Law Corporation. She does life sciences law in Vancouver, Canada. Before starting her own firm, she worked at McCarthy Tetrault in Vancouver. She went to UVIC for law school, an amazing school.

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Life Sciences

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  1. hello dear Karen,
    I have a very strange question, we had an e-mail contact in October 2014 about a few questions I had about the series E perferred shares of Xenon!
    I see that you no longer work there, do you happen to know who took over your job?
    I’ve been trying to sell the shares for two years now but there is no one who can / wants to help me
    Sorry to bother you with this but I hope you can help me
    Sincerely, LB


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456 Moberly Road Vancouver, BC V5Z 4L7

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