Marina V. Weremchuk

Marina V. Weremchuk

Marina V. Weremchuk

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Marina V. Weremchuk

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    2 reviews

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    1. I have a family court orfer in place, that both myself and my ex common law partner had signed. He has always had a lawyer, and i was self representing. He took me to court, and i managed to get 2 things on our order. Leo, my ex, doesn’t follow the legal agreement rules . He pulls my upcoming visits for whatever reasons suite him. I can never speak to my daughter, and the constant roller-coaster of Leo’s emotions and new rules, make it near impossible to have a relationship with my daughter. I need help understanding what my orginal order entitles me to, how do i exercise my rights. Ex, i have police enforcement visitations, how to i exercise this. I want amendments and addendums on the original order , a couple more things on the agreement. i do have a court retainer, i want a much better, iron clad, agreement. One that makes Leo’s abusive behavior and subsequent lack of a relationship that i have with my daughter, much tougher or even impossible to negate.


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    201 West 7th Avenue Second Floor Vancouver, BC V5Y 1L9


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