Veen Aldosky

Veen Aldosky

Veen Aldosky

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John S. Stowe

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Veen Aldosky is a lawyer in Vancouver BC. He works at “John S. Stowe Law.” The firm is located at Suite 1109 – 207 West Hastings.

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  1. Veen Aldosky, I am a graduate student In counselling psychology Facing a vaccine
    mandate from both my school (An america University with a Calgary
    Cohort) and my practicum site. I Have attempted to navigate this
    dilemma through Acquiring a medical exemption (which i Feel I Have
    reasonable grounds for) but was denied By my doctor. I would like ro
    explore my options legally. My ideal Situation would be to Receive a
    medical exemption. Perhaps This will be possible Through legal


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207 West Hastings Vancouver, BC V6B 1H7

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