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Legal Aid Family Lawyers Toronto

Legal Aid For Lower Income Families

Legal Aid Family Lawyers Toronto

If you are looking for legal aid family lawyers, send an email to info (at) clearwaylaw.com and we can refer you to a lawyer in Toronto that takes legal aid. Please do not call our law firm as we cannot book the meeting for you.

Legal aid family lawyers are happy with the changes. The project couldn’t come at a better time for Ontarians. This April, the Ontario provincial government announced funding changes for Legal Aid Ontario (LAO). Those changes affect residents who most need legal services but can least afford them, especially immigrants and refugees. Further, the LAO struggles with a 30 per cent reduction in funding, $133 million this year and $164 million annually starting in 2021/22. Therefore, ClearWay Law believes unbundling fees will become even more important in future.

None of our lawyers are available to offer pro bono services. Our lawyers have rent and bills. Some juniors lawyers even have student loans. They need and deserve to get paid for the work they do.

If you are looking to hire a lawyer (not legal aid) we can help. Our lawyers in Toronto can go to court for you. If they attend a motion for you and win, they can ask the judge to award costs. This means that if granted the opposing party must pay your legal fees!

If you have a legal aid certificate in Ontario, please email it to info (at) clearwaylaw. com

Most Toronto lawyers do not accept legal aid. Legal aid family lawyers are very rare. If you live in Ontario and have a legal aid certificate, we might be able to find you a lawyer somewhere in Ontario. It might not be possible to meet your lawyer in person if they live too far away. Email and phone often work just fine unless there is a court date coming up.

If you have your legal aid certificate, there is no need to book a consultation. Simply send us your legal aid certificate to the following email info (at) clearwaylaw.com … You must have a certificate before hiring a lawyer unless you plan to pay the legal fees yourself. The amount of legal aid you are awarded will depend on your financial situation and your legal issue.

*Lying about your financial situation to Legal Aid Ontario can be considered fraud and might result in criminal charges. There is very limited funding for legal aid, and it should go to those that actually need it.

Legal Aid Family Lawyers

Legal Aid Family Lawyers

Among measures the province has announced is that it expects Ottawa to pay for refugee services. That leaves LAO with only $13 to $16 million annually in federal grants. This money is used to manage a $45 million a year tab for immigrants and refugees who ask for the agency’s help.

Besides changes to immigration and refugee services, Ontario’s 74 community legal clinics have also seen service reductions of 16 per cent. Among others, those reductions affect social assistance and EI clients, people with disabilities, tenants with disputes and human rights complainants.

Why Legal Aid Matters 

Legal aid is based on family income, with lawyers receiving lower fees to represent vulnerable people and families. The Province has been critical of how LAO spends its budget. Very few Ontario lawyers accept legal aid cases. They either believe in everyone’s right to be represented or they are desperate for legal work. Legal aid lawyers strive to ensure low- and middle-income Ontarians have the assistance they need in court.

What Is Covered by Legal Aid?

  • Certificates are normally only for litigation instead of mediation or separation agreements
  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Restraining orders

If you do not qualify, you will need to come up with around $2000 for a lawyer retainer. To find out if you qualify, call legal aid at 1-800-668-8258

Legal aid family lawyers can help you Understand how the legal system works and what you can do to defend your rights. Particularly if you are new to Canada, have a refugee claim or are fighting for spousal or child support and child custody. Government or your ex-spouse may have limitless resources to take you on in court. If the law is new to you or your case is complex, you need someone to be on your side, guiding you along or representing you at trial. Otherwise, you may face long delays caused by your inexperience or take chances that the settlement you reach is in your family’s best interests.

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ClearWay Law understands access to justice is a problem. More and more clients are having to represent themselves in court. The estimate is that sixty-five person of people in family court are self-represented. If you represent yourself and the other side has a lawyer, the odds are against you.

Every day my family law firm gets calls from people asking if we accept legal aid certificates. For those that don’t know, legal aid is somewhat like “food stamps” in the USA. If you make less than a certain amount of income or meet other criteria.
Legal Aid Ontario gets most of its funding from the Government of Ontario and the Law Foundation of Ontario. Further, the federal government also contributes.
Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) provides legal services for financially-eligible, low-income Ontarians in the following areas: domestic violence, family law, immigration and refugee law and criminal law.

The Law Foundation of Ontario (LFO)

The government will pay $150/hour for you if you don’t make enough money. The highest potential income bracket is $50,803 if you are from a family of five and there is domestic abuse.

Legal aid might apply to the following situations and people:

  • If you are a refugee or immigrant, the government will pay for a lawyer for you
  • Someone is charged with a crime
  • There is a relationship that involves “physical, sexual, financial and emotional abuse.”
  • Metis, Inuit, or First Nation
  • You have a drug problem or mental health issues

Legal Aid Family Lawyers- Toronto Law Firm

If someone is not eligible for the certificate program, they can talk to community legal clinics or duty counsel at the court house.
If they can do so, they should Google “Toronto law firm” and do what most others do and hire a lawyer to represent them.
The Law Foundation of Ontario (LFO) gives LAO 75 per cent of the interest earned on lawyers’ and paralegals’ trust fund balances, after the foundation deducts its operating expenses. Further, the amount that the LFO provides to LAO changes every year, mostly due to changing interest rates.
Reach our Legal Aid Family Lawyers by sending in your legal aid certificate now.

Ontario Law Society Fees

These funds are part of a cost-sharing arrangement between the federal government and provincial government for criminal law, the Youth Criminal Justice Act, refugee and immigration cases, and other expenses.
The funding that LAO receives from the provincial government includes funds from this arrangement.
Talk about making as much money as someone working at a coffee store. Many people think lawyers are just raking in the money, but the Ontario law society fees are currently $2,201.00. Lawyers in Ontario get charged $500 more per year than doctor’s get charged.
Attorneys in New York pay $187.50 USD and $430.00 USD in California.
This year the law society spent 2.3M annually to cater over 1500 events. They also spent 1.2M for the an advertising campaign which can be seen on the subway line.

Legal Aid Family Lawyers

My family law firm doesn’t take legal aid, but in speaking with a new lawyer that does, he told me he gets paid $150/hour by legal aid.
Assuming this is true, that means the Mississauga Legal Aid has funding of $366,495, therefore they can offer 2443.3 hours of legal service. Further, the York Region office has funding of $493,384 and can offer 3289.23 hours.
2444.3 hours of legal advice might seem like a lot, but most divorces take around 15-30 hours of an attorney’s time and costs $10,000. This is only true if the matter does not go to family law court.
If the case goes all the way to trial, you can plan on paying for another 10-50 hours of your attorney’s time (depending on the number and complexity of issues).
Many lawyers are unwilling to take legal aid and the taxpaying is being abused. It’s time to rethink legal aid and improving access to justice.
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