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There are a lot of agencies out there who offer marketing for lawyers. If you read the Legal Trend Report, you will see that lawyers are having a hard time getting clients. ClearWay Law is bridging the gap between lawyers and their clients.

We are currently offering lawyers leads in Ontario and BC. If you want to learn more about how we charge, reach out to our CEO directly on Linkedin or send him an email avigier at clearway . com. We use to be a law firm, now we have found a better way to improve the legal industry.

If you are a great lawyer, and you want to sign up on a Lawyer Referral Service that brings you work, contact us.

ClearWay has created a lawyer referral service. We have created this new business model that lawyers and clients are loving. Further, a week into creating the new offering, we sold out of leads! We are now working hard to grow our marketing. We plan to start a large marketing blitz starting in April 2020.

Clearway Law used to be a law firm, and then we switched to be a lawyer referral service. Since we use to be a law firm, we understand what it’s like to be a law firm. We don’t consider ourselves a marketing firm, because we are not. Also, we don’t charge you fees to run your ads. You only pay for results.

Marketing Efforts For Your Practice Area

Many lawyers fail to think about their target audience and do not create marketing plans. They throw thousands of dollars at whatever they hear most about, and when it doesn’t work, they give up. Counting on referrals from other lawyers is great, but it’s not consistent. You need a marketing plan you can count on no matter what.

Most lawyers know that Google is the best way to get clients. However, they do not appreciate how much work and money needs to go into making it work. Google is competitive.

You should use this website to look up the domain authority of your website, and compare it to ours. Let’s say your website has a domain authority of 5, and ours has a domain of authority of 30, our website will bring far more visible than yours. Even if you create the best content, very few people will see it.

Domain authority

We Send You Potential Clients

The best part is that our contracts are month-to-month. So you don’t need to make a hard decision if you should sign up with us or not. Many other lawyers trust us with their lead generation needs, and you should too!

At this time, we only service Ontario and BC family lawyers. However, if you practice in another province or area of law, feel free to reach out to us. We are open to discussions if you are serious about growing your law practice.

When we send you a potential client, you will have all of their information. Further, our intake team will have asked them a bunch of questions. You will not receive leads that say “need lawyer.”

Instead, the potential client, which we have made up for this example, might look something like this.

Name: Alistair Smith


Phone: 778-233-2222

Legal matter: I am looking for a family lawyer in Toronto, Ontario. It’s important that I file a motion in Toronto to receive child support. I currently take care of the two children and I am not receiving any support. Further, I am looking for $600/month in support. We also need to take care of dividing a house that we own together in North York that has $350,000 in equity.

Hiring A lawyer | Marketing For Lawyers

Using the example above, there is further detail that will often be collected from the potential client. This might include their income and the income of their spouse. We might ask for the ages of the children. Also, we will ask if they have resolved all child custody matters and if the divorce has been filed.

Once we start advertising for other areas of law, we will change our list of questions.

Legal Marketing | Landing Pages

Right now there are very few lawyer referral websites. The only popular one I know of is the Law Society referral service. It’s my understanding it’s mostly legal aid and pro bono work. As a lawyer, that doesn’t help you cover your overhead and make a living. You didn’t work hard in law school to live paycheck to paycheck.

This page is written for lawyers thinking about signing up for the Clearway Law platform.

There are lawyers on our platform that accept legal aid certificates. But many of the lawyers do not. Also, if you don’t want to take legal aid, let us know. Normally we send most of our legal aid files to one of two lawyers.

How does ClearWay Law handle lead generation. Also, how do we bring in work for our top lawyers?

  • online marketing
  • email marketing
  • blog post
  • google search
  • research around a target audience
  • legal marketing
  • landing pages
  • Facebook page
  • marketing plans
  • pay per click
  • paid search
  • content marketing

Marketing For Lawyers | Marketing Efforts

As a busy lawyer, do you have time to do all of the above? Well, that’s what is required to bring in consistent work. Stop wasting your time on things you are not good at (lead generation.) Instead, focus on being a great lawyer and taking care of your clients. Further, if you can bill $350/hour as a lawyer, don’t waste your hours trying to figure out how Google works.

Further, we spent over $100,000 on our website and branding. We sometimes run radio advertisements that cost $25,000/month. Can you afford that? Most likely not. Our business model works because it allows lawyers to focus on what they are good at, practicing law.

You can see in the picture below that there have been 21,000 on our website in the last month. Our strong website is what made us focus on marketing for lawyers instead of practicing law.

Marketing For Lawyers

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