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My name is Alistair Vigier and I am changing the legal industry. I am working on an innovative law firm. We decided to start ClearWay Law when I realized many clients were unhappy with the services they were receiving from other law firms. It was obvious that many family lawyers were seriously stressed. This is a media kit for journalists looking for quotes or guest contributors.

I wanted to create a family law firm where clients could leave satisfied. Where family lawyers would be treated as human beings by the managing partner.

Innovative Law Firm
Helen Herniman- CFO

We also decided to merge technology with our law firm. Our law firm is cloud-based and paperless. The staff that supports our Toronto lawyers work from cities across Canada (Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, and Regina.)

Remote working saves our firm and staff money. It also saves our clients money by lowering our expenses. It’s great for the environment (less paper used and less C02 from cars.)

Everything ClearWay Law does must benefit our clients, lawyers, staff, society, and shareholders.

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You can see a list of some of the articles I have been featured in or contributed to in Victoria News, BCBusiness, and Canadian Lawyer.

I won the BCBusiness 30 under 30 Award in 2017.

OurLaw Firm Is Raising Capital

According to law firm valuations in the UK, with revenues of $5M, we expect a valuation of $15M. We would then raise capital again, to enable us to expand into the USA.

Law is changing, and lawyers that ignore it should start getting their resumes ready for Tim Hortons. If you want to get involved, let us know and we can share more details.

We hope you enjoy reading our package, and we look forward to answering your questions and explaining our revolutionary vision better.

Want to invest in a law firm? You can also reach out to us via our live chat function. Someone will email you back with details.

Innovative Law Firm- Future IPO Plans

ClearWay Law plans to do a law firm IPO in the next few years. We are looking for angel investors, accredited investors, contractors and venture capital firms to invest in our company (management company.) Non-lawyers are not allowed to invest directly in law firms in Canada. They can do it in the UK and Australia.

We are debt-free. We are mentored by much larger law firms that can’t move away from their traditional cash cow law firms. But they believe in legal innovation.

Does investing in law firms interest you? Want to learn more about our law firm? Check out our YouTube channel to learn more about us.

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When I am not helping clients connect with family lawyers, I enjoy assisting journalists to write on a wide variety of topics. My favorite topics to write or be interviewed about are:

  • Business in China
  • Business development in professional services
  • Innovating the legal industry

You can text or call me at any time to provide quotes for your story. I can also connect you to other professionals in the industry.

Most people have either used a family lawyer or know someone close to them who has.

How many people are getting divorced?

New statistics come out every five years regarding divorce rates.

The most current divorce statistics show that:

  • 38-41% of Canadians are divorcing before their 30th year of marriage. This does not include those who only separate.
  • Second marriages are far more likely to end in divorce.
  • Successful remarriages often last longer.

Media Kit- Divorce and conjugal statistics

  • 66 million Canadians are divorced
  • Quebec has the highest rate – 49.9%
  • 7.1% of Newfoundland and Labrador residents report being divorced
  • 21.3% of Canadian couples live common law

Have questions about this media kit? Contact us.

Canadian entrepreneur Alistair Vigier, winner of a BCBusiness 30 Under 30 Award in 2017, is available for interviews on entrepreneurship, family law, business development or Canada-Chinese relations.

Vigier, the CEO of family and estate law firm ClearWay Law in Toronto, invites interviews on being an “entrepreneur.” He can speak to alternative fee arrangements for making legal services more affordable. ClearWay Law coaches self-represented litigants and can comment on how coaching helps clients navigate legal matters. Vigier travels to China three times yearly and is available for interviews or to provide editorial content on that experience.

Lawyers Love Working From Home

Most lawyers love the idea of working from home whenever possible and using technology to be more efficient. The lawyers that work for ClearWay Law also love working with us, as they can focus on being a lawyer instead of worrying about marketing, accounting, technology, billing, and client intake.

Want to learn about our Law Firm IPO plan? Please fill out the contact form on this page.

*Do not call our law firm directly as it is for clients only.

Innovative Law Firm- A New Law Firm Is Born…

ClearWay Law began operations in July 2018, offering separation and divorce, mediation and arbitration, estate disputes, family agreements, and self-representation coaching.

Our firm operates remotely to save our clients’ money by lowering our own expenses. Our goal is for clients to leave feeling satisfied they received just those services they needed, without financing costly overhead expenses.

Big boardrooms and beautiful views project an image of success at traditional law firms. But average costs for a single leased office in Toronto can be $20,000 or more a month.

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Law Firm IPOThe ClearWay Law team supports our Toronto-based lawyers work in cities across Canada, including Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Regina and the Greater Toronto Area. Our staff provides services that are time-consuming for the legal team, at a fraction of the cost: booking client appointments, preparing and sending invoices, processing payments, networking to meet new referrals, providing marketing and communications and maintaining our website.

Innovative Law Firm- Family Law

It’s great for the environment — less paper used and less C02 from cars. It is also a time saver and stress reducer for our lawyers and staff. Working from home enables the staff and the legal team to have the work-life balance and lifestyle they want.

Remote working also reduces the cost of living in pricey real estate markets like Vancouver, Victoria, and Toronto. Further, remote work is an attractive option for skilled workers who may otherwise face grueling daily commutes. Also, these workers usually must reach major urban centers where they cannot afford to live.

Alistair Vigier – Innovative Law Firm

Before joining ClearWay Law, Vigier marketed The Wealthy Franchise, where he was president and was in marketing and business development with the Commissionaires Victoria, the Islands, and Yukon. He is a board member of the Downtown Victoria Business Association.

ClearWay Law started operations on June 1, 2018. Its family law services include mediation and arbitration, child and spousal support, separation and divorce, family agreements, estate disputes, property, and debt division and appeals. ClearWay Law also plans to provide immigration advice on student or work visas, permanent residency, citizenship and appeals in Beijing.

In conclusion, we are available to answer questions about this media kit. Further, we enjoy contributing to stories about family law or divorce.

*Please note that as of March 2020, we switched from a law firm to an online marketplace from legal services. We have not updated the information on this page.

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Innovative Law Firm

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