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Real Estate Lawyer Brampton

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Are you wanting to find a Real Estate Lawyer in Brampton? Are you wanting to negotiate on the closing costs?

We have lawyers in Brampton who can also service the Richmond Hill area. You should book a free consultation below to speak to a real estate lawyer today. The affordable lawyers can help with a real estate closing, agreement of purchase, or general real estate transactions. Real estate law isn’t too complicated. The real value you get from a real estate lawyer is their experience. The lawyer knows what to look for. They have seen things go wrong during real estate transactions many times. The point is that you do not want to make the same mistake.

If you need a real estate lawyer in Brampton, contact us below.

Real Estate Lawyer

The legal fees for real estate lawyers are very affordable. They are normally between $800-1200, depending on how experienced the lawyer is. You should book free consultations with several lawyers to compare fees. We have several real estate lawyers, so feel free to speak to a few of them. Pick the lawyer that works best for you.

The legal fees that you pay with be nothing compared to if you make a mistake. You will want to have a lawyer review your mortgage documents as well. You might be able to negotiate on the power of sale clause. This clause explains what will happen if you miss payments. As we saw with COVID-19, things happen when we never expect it. You want to have as many months as possible to catch up on payments. A real estate lawyer in Brampton can help you negotiate on the power of sale clause.

If you are in Richmond Hill, Vaughan or Brampton contact us today. Our affordable real estate lawyers also service the entire GTA area.

The lawyer’s legal services include:

  • Title transfers
  • Buying a property
  • Selling a property
  • Refinancing a mortgage
  • Negotiating commercial properties agreements

Residential And Commercial Real Estate

Real estate law is different from other areas of law. Most people want to hire the most affordable real estate lawyer they can find. They are not looking for a lawyer with the most experience. We were able to sign up the most affordable lawyers to ClearWay Law. We have done the hard work for you. You can reach out to us and we will provide your information to our lawyers. They will then call you. You can have multiple free consultations with a few Brampton lawyers.

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Real Estate Lawyer Brampton Services

  • planning for the closing costs
  • creating an agreement of purchase
  • residential and commercial real estate
  • real estate transactions
  • providing legal advice about real estate law
  • helping with selling properties
  • commercial properties (more complicated)

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Real Estate Law

Real Estate Transactions

It’s important to find a lawyer that you can be happy and comfortable with. If it’s your first time buying a property, you are probably stressed out. Many people do not appreciate how many things need to happen before the property closes. There might be a list of fifty things that need to happen, all within a month. If you make any mistakes, it can cost you a lot of money.
Our CEO, Alistair Vigier, once purchased a property that was built in 1972. He had done a number of real estate transactions before, so he knew to hire a real estate inspector. The inspector saw the property and put together the report. It was an estate sale, which means that the previous owner had died. The person who sold the property knew nothing of its history.
The property inspector found that the water tank was very old. Two days before the real estate deal closed, Alistair Vigier wanted to test the water tank. It had not been used for some time. As soon as the seller’s real estate agent turned it on, it leaked, causing some damage to the basement.
To compensate for the damage, the seller reduced the purchase price by $15,000.
A real estate lawyer can go through the selling or buying checklist to make sure everything is done. Spending $1000 on a real estate lawyer could save you $15,000.

Real Estate Lawyer Brampton

Frequently Asked Questions | Real Estate Lawyer Brampton

Do I need lawyer in Brampton?

It is required by law to hire a real estate lawyer in Ontario to deal with property transfers.

When should I book a free consultation?

Have your free consultation as soon as possible. You can wait to hire the lawyer until you need them.

How much does real estate law cost?

The average fee for real estate law is normally around $900.

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