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Real Estate Lawyer Toronto

Are you looking for a free consultation with a real estate lawyer in Toronto? If so, you are likely just got an agreement of purchase signed.

Our affordable lawyers can help either the buyer or seller with their Toronto real estate law needs. 

The top lawyers can also help with other areas of real estate law. We even have lawyers that can do real estate lawsuits in Toronto!

One of them has been doing real estate litigation for twenty years!

Real Estate Lawyer Toronto

Buying a property can be extremely exciting. If it’s an investment, you might make a lot of money!

Further, a lot of people have become wealthy over the years from real estate. If you are the seller, it’s time to realize your return on investment.

And if you are the buyer or seller during a residential real estate deal, it’s even more emotional!

Don’t make any mistakes. Get a free consultation with a Toronto real estate lawyer today.

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Toronto Commercial Properties

It’s important to hire a real estate lawyer that focuses on real estate law. You don’t want to hire a family lawyer to do your title search. They might not know how to do it.

Real estate lawyers handle a high volume of cases for a low fee. It’s a very different type of lawyer. The Toronto real estate lawyer must be extremely organized and able to meet tight deadlines.

A good real estate lawyer should be approachable. If you can see your lawyer face to face or over video conferencing, that’s great. It’s not required to meet the lawyer face to face. Sometimes people come in and sign the paperwork with a staff member at the law firm.

You might want to build a relationship with the lawyer. This is especially true if you plan to buy and sell real estate often. You want a lawyer that you can call and speak to quickly.

Ontario Commercial Real Estate And Residential

Commercial real estate is a lot different than residential real estate. These kinds of properties attract massive amounts of investment. There are large investment funds that pump billions of dollars into the market.

So what do you need to know about Toronto commercial properties?

  • Commercial real estate is non-emotional. You are rarely dealing with individuals or families. You are dealing with massive corporations. Therefore, a good commercial real estate lawyer needs to understand contracts and business law. Most real estate litigation involves commercial property.
  • Commercial real estate is riskier. When dealing with higher amounts of money, it’s riskier! The office property is sort of like a bond. Cash flow for a business that does real estate is key. You can have serious cash flow problems.
  • The terms are more flexible. Most residential real estate is governed by the government.
  • They have created strict rules around how you can rent and sell your property.

With commercial real estate, you have more flexibility to sign your own type of contract. You can agree with your own terms with the other party.

Most residential real estate is designed to protect renters. The government doesn’t want a landlord kicking a family out of the house with two days’ notice.

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  • FAQ

    Once you have all your documents, when do you meet the lawyer?

    Normally you will go in to meet with your lawyer about three days before the closing date. There is stuff that needs to be and everything must be checked. It might be possible to meet on the day of closing. However, it’s better to see your lawyer before. The mortgage companies often need time to process everything. The lawyer must also send things off to the insurance company.

    Can people see final real estate contract in advance?

    The lawyer will try and send you the paperwork with as much notice as possible. It depends on how long it takes the other parties to take everything together. There is the other party (buyer or seller), mortgage company, and insurance companies.

    Do you want to close the deal on Friday?

    It is always better to close the deal earlier in the week. Tuesday and Wednesday are often the best days. A lot of people get lazy towards the end of the week. It might be hard to get people to come through on their paperwork. Mondays’ are often too busy for people.