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Real Estate Victoria BC Oak Bay

Real Estate Victoria BC Oak Bay

Are you looking for real estate in Victoria BC or Oak Bay?

ClearWay can help you find top real estate agents in Victoria. Victoria’s real estate often goes up, and that will likely be more true over the next 20 years. A lot of people are going to retire in the next twenty years, and Victoria BC is a common retirement spot. Many sellers are thinking about holding on their properties. That is of course unless they are thinking about downsizing and buying a condo. Most people do not plan to leave Victoria BC.

Clearway is a service that connects people with Realtors or real estate lawyers. We wanted to see an improvement in how people in Victoria BC receive advice from professionals. We now search out the best lawyers and Realtors and sign them up on our platform. However, if they make too many mistakes, we kick them off. Therefore, we are only looking for the best professionals. Fill out our form today to see why we are highly rated.

Do you need a real estate agent? Some people also call them Realtors. Beware of dishonest Realtors.

Over time, Canadian real estate has almost always gone up.

Oak Bay And Victoria Real Estate Services

Realtors are professions who are members of the real estate board. There is also the real estate association CREA. The CREA works in cooperation with the real estate board in each city and province. It is their goal to make sure that Realtors are seen as providing a high quality of service. If real estate agents want to remain licensed, they must provide professional service.

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Getting Professional Real Estate Advice On Vancouver Island

We also have connections with real estate lawyers. Real estate law is a lot more complicated than the average person thinks. We won’t get too much into the law in this article.

We used to be a law firm, so we know what we are talking about. See our article about real estate law to learn how to protect yourself.

In some provinces like Ontario, hiring a real estate lawyer is mandatory. However, in all provinces, it is highly recommended. The smallest mistake with property could easily cost you $30,000.

Here are a few of the top real estate agents. This is simply our opinion in no particular order.

  • 8X ventures
  • Brad Maclaren
  • Mcmullen Homes
  • Ron Neal Victoria RE/MAX
  • Darren Day
  • Rosemarie Colterman PREC* & Tom Oak
  • Cathy Duncan & Associates

Largest brokerages in Oak Bay, Canada

  • RE/MAX Camosun
  • Pemberton Holmes Real Estate
  • DFH Real Estate
  • RE/MAX Alliance Victoria
  • Ron Neal Victoria RE/MAX
  • Newport Realty
  • Sutton Group

What does the real estate board do?

The local real estate board is responsible for monitoring and enforcing CREA standards as well as any local rules. They are also responsible for keeping the Realtors educated by having a mandatory credit system by which you earn credits by taking courses. This ensures agents are kept in the loop with any changes or new information on anything from Strata law, to a yearly legal update, to marketing in the digital age.

There are a number of courses taught by experienced agents, professors, lawyers, and more. Most importantly, they are responsible for the collection and distribution of property purchase and sale data. Therefore, this data is vital for an agent to accurately justify a purchase or sale price. This ensures the public and the agents are making the best decisions, as well as staying informed on the market activity for specific areas within that board’s jurisdiction.

real estate board

Vancouver Island Real Estate Association

CREA is an acronym for the Canadian Real Estate Association. They are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the Real Estate sales industry by establishing the “Realtor Code”. The Code provides guidelines for how a Realtor should ethically, morally, and legally conduct themselves. They are instrumental in maintaining standards for the industry which then strengthens consumer confidence. CREA also provides all necessary legal documents required to facilitate a successful transaction (Contract purchase and sale, working with a realtor, FINTRAC, agency agreements, etc.).

Service that meets or exceeds CREA Standards. The general public will find it very difficult to navigate a transaction without the guidance of a trusted agent. It is our job to ensure the client is able to make an informed decision with all the information provided both from experience and on paper.

Why Victoria BC Oak Bay Is Great

  • royal roads university (it’s also a great place to visit)
  • victoria’s inner harbor
  • Fan Tan Alley is the narrowest street in Canada
  • Hatley Castle (royal roads university)
  • fish and chips restaurants (British style)
  • Fairmont Empress
  • Craigdarroch castle
  • Butchart gardens
  • national historic sites
  • beacon hill park
  • going on a whale watching tour
  • Juan De Fuca trail
  • the British Columbia parliament buildings
  • staying in a bed and breakfast
  • Mount Douglas
  • a top Canadian university (UVIC)

If you are looking for the top real estate agents in Victoria BC or Oak Bay, contact us.

Further, we will connect you with one that meets your needs. Also, you can learn more about ClearWay Law on our videos.

FAQs | Victoria BC Oak Bay Real Estate

What is the best city to immigrate to in Canada?

Canada is a very welcoming country. People will immigrate wherever economic opportunity exists. You should consider Victoria or Oak Bay.

What surprises people when they visit Victoria?

People often think they will get bored living on an Island, that could not be further from the truth. I have helped many people move here from major cities — with similar concerns — none of them could imagine living anymore else.

How can I verify a buyer is legit?

Normally you try and get a deposit from them as soon as possible.

Is Victoria BC a good place?

Yes, it’s one of the best cities in the world.

How does the ClearWay Law system work?

We will have a Realtor or real estate lawyer contact you depending on your needs.

How much does your services cost?

Our services are free for the public.