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Salmon Arm Family Lawyer

Are you looking for a Salmon Arm Family Lawyer? Our BC family lawyers can assist you with numerous areas of law. We provide the following legal services:

  • Filing for divorce
  • Separation agreements
  • Custody agreements
  • Cohabitation agreement (common-law)
  • Marriage agreements (prenups)
  • Getting ready for family court
  • Family law pleadings
  • Self represented coaching
  • Adoption
  • Family law mediation
  • Family law arbitration
  • General legal advice
  • Foreign opinion letters

Our law firm is unique. For instance, we are 100% online, which makes it easy for us to service clients in remote places, such as Salmon Arm. You would work with our lawyers via email, the phone and video conferencing. Many people enjoy working with a 100% online law firm.

For example, many of the people that call us say the process is much easier than they were expecting. Most callers are very frustrated when they pick up the phone, and they are far more relaxed once speaking to one of our representatives.

If you need a Salmon Arm Family Lawyer, call our law firm toll free at 1-844-466-6529

Salmon Arm Family Lawyer

Further, you can also reach our divorce law firm via the live chat function in the bottom right of the screen.

Our Salmon Arm Family Lawyers Share This Vision:

  • Innovate the legal industry
  • Approachable and friendly
  • Simplify the process
  • Billing transparency
  • Remote working- easier to hire a lawyer
  • Easy to work with and simplified process
  • Help solve the clients legal issues


  • Want to move on with their lives
  • Want to protect their assets (e.g. real estate, investments, pets, air miles, retirement funds, vehicles, etc.)
  • Reduce frustration
  • Keeping their kids
  • Reinforcing an Agreement
  • They may come to us with an agreement that was already been made, but their spouses aren’t honouring the agreement (child and spousal support)
  • Finding a remedy
  • Get help with mediating an agreement
  • Feel supported – we’re their confidante – counselling them through best next steps
  • Reach the best outcome while only spending $1000-2000 on legal fees
  • People more often want to get through the whole process as quickly and least messy as possible
  • Quick outcome
  • Clean process
  • Easy to work with – simplified info
  • Spend less time in court
  • Give me a voice. Fight for me and make me feel safe
  • Outcome that they are satisfied with and that they can live with
  • People want to be kept in the loop about the process and progress
  • They want reassurance
  • Women who were used to being in submissive role or abused – reassured by having a strong male figure defending them – fighting for them and giving them a voice
  • What’s best for their kids – so kids aren’t suffering. That said, many couples use the kids as pawns to make their spouses suffer
  • Some want to represent themselves – want coaching and support to do so more effectively.

When people take care of family law themselves, sometimes they get into trouble. For example, if you don’t do a separation agreement properly, it can cost you a lot more down the line. To clarify, a separation agreement that is not enforceable can be thrown out by a judge.


  • Intimidated by traditional lawyers and hourly agreement
  • Doesn’t know what they are going to get
  • Big, life changing thing for clients
  • Trusting lawyers with big issues, but at same time, not trusting that lawyers are going to take them to the cleaners
  • Clients fear nickel & diming

If you need legal counsel, please reach out to us via the live chat function in the bottom right of the screen.

Our Salmon Arm Family Lawyers Are:

  • Confident
  • Approachable
  • Intelligent, knowledgeable
  • Organized
  • Streamlined
  • Direct and articulate
  • Trustworthy

If you want to learn more about family law, visit our YouTube channel. Likewise, if you are self represented, you should bookmark our blog page as we add helpful content every week.

In conclusion, if you want to learn more about separation, see the video below.