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Raising $1.5M In Seed Funding Round | Early Stages Funding

Seed Funding Round | Venture Capitalists

Seed Funding Round

March 2020 update… We are happy to announce that this funding round is now closed. We have also switched from being a law firm to an online marketing place for legal services. If you want to talk about investment opportunities, feel free to reach out to our CEO on Linkedin. Please see the original article below.

Early Stages Funding | Potential Investors

Clearway Law is currently doing a seed funding round and is open to speaking to non-lawyer investors. My name is Alistair Vigier and I created ClearWay Law because I was tired of hiring lawyers that provided little to no communication. Every time I hired a law firm, I felt that I was left with little value and a large bill. I knew how customers felt, so I started ClearWay Law to focus on the client experience. Our law firm was created to be the needed change in the broken legal industry.

Right away we were popular with clients, and our phone always seemed to be ringing. But we also encountered massive resistance from old school lawyers that were sometimes passion aggressive, and sometimes directly aggressive.

We are victims of our own success. Currently, we are getting so many calls that our operation team is having a hard time handling it. To better service clients we are moving to a 100% online model, which we like to call an online market place for legal services. Further, we are raising a seed funding round to build out our operations team, hire more lawyers and invest heavily in technology.

Legal Innovation | Startup Founders

Beyond growing the company, we want ClearWay Law to be a thought leader for legal innovation. We want to write books, articles for the media, white papers for the law society, and speak at conferences to encourage other law firms to make improvements around customer service. There is no way one law firm can change the industry by itself. We need “buy-in” from other lawyers, but we need to lead the way.

We are trying to create a super simple process for how clients work with a law firm. This process continues from the initial point of contact to the delivery of the legal service. After the services are provided, we follow up with clients for feedback. This is what we are obsessed about.

In 2019, investments into the legal space exceeded $1 billion for the first time.

The Seed Funding Capital Raise | Product Market Fit

Our management company is seeking seed financing from wealthy individuals, micro venture funds, seed funds, and angel investors. The funding will enable our company to:

  • Expand our operations staff and lawyers
  • Invest in sales and marketing
  • Built out a customer success teams
  • Build our operational infrastructure

We have created a 28-page business plan that explains all of this in detail.

The bar to improve our industry is very low. Right now, we are working on our B2C model, to focus on improving the client experience. Once we have achieved the perfect client experience with a law firm, we plan to license our model and systems to other law firms.

We are going to target the average person with our online model, not the big clients. Big clients go with lawyers they know or get referrals from friends. The average person Googles their lawyer, and that’s where we can own the space with our marketing.

We can send you our business plan, which goes into extreme detail. Should you be interested in our business plan, we will send you our financial information and our pricing list once we have an NDA collected.


Overview of our business plan:

  • Currently B2C
  • Little marketing and no real estate spend. This is done with only two people on the team. We have a lot of demand but cannot service any more clients without expanding our team and operations.
  • Therefore, we are raising $1.5M Canadian dollars
  • We are a technology law firm that operates 100% online
  • No cash burn
  • We service our clients 100% online via the phone, email and video conferencing
  • We took away non-lawyer tasks from lawyers (accounting, marketing, intake, and technology). Sales greatly grew once we did this.

In conclusion, if you are interested in learning more, please click here. You can learn more details and then fill out the contact form to learn more.

If you don’t believe us that the legal industry is broken, please read the 2019 Legal Trends Report.

Seed Funding RoundSeed Funding Round- Disclaimer

*This is not an offer to sell securities. Open to qualified investors only. The law firm’s exit plan will be either an IPO or being bought out.

* Non-lawyers receive shares in a management company, not a law firm.

*Do not call our law firm phone number, it is for clients only.