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Ontario Franchise Law

Ontario Franchise Law Author: Alistair Vigier We have a lawyer in Toronto that does Ontario franchise law. We put together this article to provide more information about franchise law. Franchising is the granting of the rights by a successful company (the franchisor) to another, independent entity (the franchisee) to do business in a according to ...
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Fyre Fest V2 Just Happened- And It Was A Nightmare

Posted July 9, 2019
Fyre Fest V2 Just Happened- And It Was A Nightmare The festival now has a 1.5-star rating on Facebook with comments like: “The lack of sincerity from yourselves is absolutely shocking. Thousands of people bought YOUR tickets to travel you YOUR festival and you don’t even have the decency to tell people who have PAID ...
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Toronto Business Lawyers

Toronto Business Lawyers ClearWay Law is excited to announce our expansion into business law. We now offer Toronto Business Lawyers. We currently have two lawyers are able to assist with corporate law planning or issues. If you need a Toronto business lawyer, call us toll free 844-466-6529. You can also reach out via live chat or ...
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