child custody

Can You Move With Your Children?

Want to move with your children? You have separated from your partner and are pursuing a new love. Moving in seems logical. It’s the next step in the exciting life you are creating together. Or so it seems. What could happen if you have children might surprise you. “AJ” and “Susan” met in high school, ...
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Foreign Divorces Child Custody

Foreign divorces are very complicated. Can you divorce your partner from afar and how does that affect custody of your children? A Saudi couple who came to Ontario to study faced that challenge when they became embroiled in a contentious divorce and custody dispute. Five years into their arranged marriage and three years after becoming ...
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Children Activities with your Ex

Posted June 1, 2018
Children Activities with your Ex When dealing with your children’s schedules and your separation, it’s always best to try to minimize the disruption. Children Activities with your Ex is something you need to think about. If the children continue with their daily routines there will likely be less stress on them. The transition to a full ...
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