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child support

Best Child Support Attorney

Best Child Support Attorney Are you looking for the best child support attorney? According to law society rules, no lawyer can call themselves the best. Some lawyers point to awards they have received, like the Best Choice Award. But many of these awards are purchased by lawyers, which we feel is dishonest and misleading. Instead, ...
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Child Support Payments After Losing Job

Posted June 27, 2018
Child Support Obligations What happens when you lose your job, how does it affect child support payments? Dealing with a workplace injury or job loss can be extremely stressful when you have a family to take care of. Having to deal with court orders for child and spousal support can increase your stress even further. ...
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Do Step-Parents Owe Child Support?

Posted May 15, 2018
Do Step-Parents Owe Child Support?  In a case that happened in Ontario, the Superior Court of Justice dealt with the issue of whether a step-parent will be responsible for child support when a biological parent is already paying child support. In Stetler, the wife had a child from a previous relationship that she brought into ...
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What Are Section 7 Expenses Ontario?

What Are Section 7 Expenses Ontario? So you’ve paid your monthly child support on time and in full. Why are you still getting requests to pay for other things for the kids then? As outlined in the Federal Child Support Guidelines, there are different categories of child support. The monthly base child support that is ...
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Is Child Support Considered Income?

In most cases, when determining income for child support in accordance with the Federal Child Support Guidelines, an applicant simply needs to take the income from their spouse’s most recent income tax return, look at the Child Support Table for their province, and find the correlating amount of child support for that income based on the ...

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