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Can You Move With Your Children?

Can You Move With Your Children? Want to move with your children? You have separated from your partner and are pursuing a new love. Moving in seems logical. It’s the next step in the exciting life you are creating together. Or so it seems. What could happen if you have children might surprise you. “AJ” ...
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How To Annul A Marriage In Ontario

Posted July 24, 2019
Annulment Of Marriages Want to know how to annul a marriage in Ontario? You thought you had started a new life. Imagine your surprise when you discover you are married to two women at once. An Ontario man who married in 2017, then applied to sponsor his wife to Canada encountered just that dilemma. To ...
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What Is Declaration Of Parentage?

What Is Declaration Of Parentage?

Posted June 17, 2019
Application For A Declaration Declaration of parentage is like adoption. It’s something that says you are the parents for your entire life. Once you have it you cannot change it. It’s a document that says that the father is the parent. It can protect a child’s rights to child support later if the couple breaks ...
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Andrew Feldstein- Family Lawyer

Posted April 3, 2019
Andrew Feldstein- Family Law Mr. Feldstein is a 25+ year call Toronto family lawyer. Andrew Feldstein has agreed to co-counsel with ClearWay Family Lawyers on larger files that require a senior family lawyer. He also does mentorship with some of our junior lawyers. Mr. Feldstein has a passion for helping clients with complex family law ...
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How Much Spousal Support Am I Entitled To?

Posted July 23, 2018
Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines Spousal Support Orders Are you curious about how much spousal support you might be able to get? Should you even be entitled to spousal support? Are you looking to speak with a family lawyer about if you are entitled to spousal support? We will fill you in on the major factors ...
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Can You Force A Child To Go With The Parent?

Posted June 13, 2018
Dealing With Child Custody In Ontario, a recent case dealt with the issue of whether a parent can be found in contempt of an access order. This happened because one parent was refused parenting time on the basis that the child doesn’t want to go. So can you force a child to go with the ...
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Initial Family Law Consultations

Posted May 30, 2018
Initial Family Law Consultations If you have never seen a family law lawyer before, speaking to a family lawyer can be indimidating. It may help to ease your nerves if you know what will happen at the initial consultation. This will help you follow through with booking and attending the meeting. 1. Setting Up Initial ...
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Paternity Test During Divorce

Posted May 19, 2018
Paternity Test During Divorce Looking for a paternity test during divorce? A common topic of new clients is whether or not they should even be involved in the family law proceedings their ex has served them with. Often the subject matter is the custody, access and support of a new born or young child. While ...
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Do I Have To Share My Inheritance After Divorce?

Posted May 5, 2018
Do I Have To Share My Inheritance After Divorce? Do you have questions about inheritance and divorce? Losing a family member is never easy to deal with. Sometimes there is a silver lining in that you may receive some sort of inheritance. This happens as a gift from your loved one who has passed on. ...
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