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Legal Fees and Taxes

Legal Fees and Taxes Are you curious about legal fees and taxes? It’s that time of year again when everyone is trying to maximize their tax breaks. If you’ve been involved in family law litigation you should discuss whether or not you have any sort of tax breaks or benefits that may have resulted or ...
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How Do Lawyers Bill: Retainers, Fees and Disbursements?

Posted March 7, 2018
How Do Lawyers Bill: Retainers, Fees and Disbursements? There are three main terms that you should know about lawyer’s billing practices before hiring a lawyer: Retainers; Fees; and Disbursements Call our family law firm in Duncan, Toronto and Ottawa toll free at 1 844-466-6529 Retainers When talking about legal fees, a retainer refers to an initial ...
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Legal Fees Tax Deduction

Posted March 1, 2018
Legal Fees Tax Deduction The cost of going to court can get expensive. When legal fees begin to increase, spouses start to look for ways to recapture their money spent. One question that clients have is whether they can claim their fees on their tax returns. The answer is yes, some legal fees can be ...
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