Saskatchewan Investment Opportunities

Saskatchewan Investment Opportunities Looking for Saskatchewan Investment Opportunities? Clearway Law is currently raising $1.5 million and is open to speak to Manitoba’s wealthy investors. In order to be able to make an investment, you will need to be considered an accredited investor. Each investor will normally invest over $200K. All investments will be subject to ...
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Investment Opportunities In Manitoba

Investment Opportunities In Manitoba Are you looking for investment opportunities in Manitoba? Clearway Law is currently raising money ($1.5m) and is open to speaking to wealthy investors in Manitoba. You will need to be considered an accredited investor in order to invest in the company Each investor normally will invest $250K+. We started this company ...
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How To Get In Trouble As A Lawyer

How To Get In Trouble As A Lawyer Below is a great way to get in trouble as a lawyer. I’ve noticed a negative trend in the legal industry. Many lawyers are terrified of the law society, and they want to protect themselves at the expense of their clients. Knowing the law society as I ...
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Lawyers Working Remotely

Lawyers Working Remotely There are many lawyers working remotely these days. There seems to be a lot of media attention these days about lawyers working remotely. Right now, I am writing this article from England. It seems that every article I write is from a different country. Many of my friends are jealous of the ...
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Change Agents In The Legal Industry

Change Agents In The Legal Industry There are a number of change agents in the legal industry. What is a change agent? A change agent is someone who transforms their company and industry by focusing on improvements and innovation. This individual focuses on people and customers and improves things for the better. I meet with ...
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Recruiting Millennial Lawyers

Posted June 23, 2019
Recruiting Millennial Lawyers When I meet with law firm managers in Canada one of their most pressing concerns is how to replace retiring baby boomer lawyers with millennial lawyers. Almost a third of Canadians, 27.9% of 35.1 million, were between 22 and 37 during the 2016 Census. RBC Economics reported in October 2016 that millennials ...
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