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separation agreement

How To Get Divorce Papers In Canada

How To Get Divorce Papers In Canada Are you looking to get divorce papers in Canada? You can talk yourself into being in love, in only 45 minutes. Psychologist Arthur Aron of Stony Brook University recommends asking your potential life partner 36 questions and then spending four minutes gazing into each other’s eyes. In Canada, ...
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Separation Agreement Alberta

Reach An Agreement One of the most common reasons that people in Alberta reaches out to a family law firm is to have a separation agreement created. Separation agreements can conclude a common-law relationship or a marriage. A domestic contract is useful because it is a way to get closure or to bring a family ...
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Ontario Spousal Support Agreement

Ontario Spousal Support Agreement Are you looking for an Ontario spousal support agreement? Then it is important you learn about what needs to go into the spousal support agreement. It is important that you get a family lawyer to create your Ontario spousal support agreement. Why is this important? Because if you do not create it ...
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Contest A Separation Agreement

Proper Financial Disclosure Are you looking to contest a separation agreement? Cohabitation agreements, marriage contracts, and separation agreements are all domestic contracts. They signed by spouses to detail how to support and assets will be dealt with upon separation. For the most part, once they are signed, they will settle all (or most) of the ...
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