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spousal support

How Much Spousal Support Am I Entitled To?

Posted July 23, 2018
Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines Spousal Support Orders Are you curious about how much spousal support you might be able to get? Should you even be entitled to spousal support? Are you looking to speak with a family lawyer about if you are entitled to spousal support? We will fill you in on the major factors ...
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Child Support Payments After Losing Job

Posted June 27, 2018
Child Support Obligations What happens when you lose your job, how does it affect child support payments? Dealing with a workplace injury or job loss can be extremely stressful when you have a family to take care of. Having to deal with court orders for child and spousal support can increase your stress even further. ...
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Spousal Support After Remarriage: Till Death Do You Pay?

Posted June 25, 2018
Spousal Support After Remarriage: Till Death Do You Pay? Have questions about Spousal Support After Remarriage? Marriage is the union of two individuals in a personal relationship that putatively lasts until death, however, in practice it is increasingly brought to an end by divorce. Seeing that the law deems spousal relationships as financial partnerships, when ...
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Spousal Support During Remarriage

Posted May 31, 2018
Spousal Support During Remarriage Do you have questions about spousal support during remarriage? You have been paying your monthly spousal support diligently. It has been paid monthly as you agreed or were ordered to. You’ve never missed a payment. You try not to complain about it when talking to your ex. We have family lawyers ...
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Lump Sum Spousal Support

Lump-Sum Spousal Support No one wants to deal with an ex any longer than they need to. Monthly spousal support payments can be a constant aggravation. It is a reminder that you owe them something, even if you don’t really agree with the court order. If the relationship was over 10 years you could be ...
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