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Independent Legal Advice Ontario

Legal Advice Before Signing Are you in need of an Independent Legal Advice Ontario certificate? Most people hear about independent legal advice (ILA) for the first time from their lawyers. The family lawyer might have been hired to create a separation agreement. The lawyer completes the draft and sends it to the client for feedback. ...
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Alternative Billing Law Firm | Family Lawyers

Posted July 31, 2018
Alternative Billing Law Firm Are you looking for a Alternative Billing Law Firm? ClearWay Law was created to innovate the legal industry. We saw that law firms are way behind other industries that have embraced innovation. Uber has recently changed the taxi industry. Airbnb has changed the hotel industry. ClearWay Law is building the infrastructure ...
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How Much Spousal Support Am I Entitled To?

Posted July 23, 2018
Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines Spousal Support Orders Are you curious about how much spousal support you might be able to get? Should you even be entitled to spousal support? Are you looking to speak with a family lawyer about if you are entitled to spousal support? We will fill you in on the major factors ...
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Can You Force A Child To Go With The Parent?

Posted June 13, 2018
Can you force a child to go with the parent? In Ontario, a recent case dealt with the issue of whether a parent can be found in contempt of an access order. This happened because one parent was refused parenting time on the basis that the child doesn’t want to go. So can you force ...
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