Amanda Deveaux

ClearWay Law is excited to add Amanda Deveaux to our talented family lawyers. Ms. Deveaux can assist with both family law and estate disputes. Estate disputes is becoming a more common legal issue with the retirement of baby boomers.

For estate disputes, Amanda Deveaux is willing to do either hourly billing or contingency fees. Most of the time the estate lawyer does hourly billing until the assets are verified, then might be willing to switch to contingency.

Amanda’s office is at 425 University Avenue, Suite 203, Toronto, ON

If you want to speak to Ms. Deveaux about a family law or estate litigation dispute, call our law firm at 1-844-466-6529

You can also email us at info (at) or fill out the “live chat” message in the bottom right of the screen.

Many people call our law firm unprepared to speak with an estate lawyer. Before calling our law firm, be aware of your goals and what you want to do. You should know the following:

  • What is the name of the person whose estate you are going after?
  • Did they write a will?
  • What assets do they have?
  • Where did they live?
  • Are they alive or dead?

If you hire an estate lawyer to find out these questions, that’s okay. But keep in mind you will be charged per hour, and that will likely cost many thousands of dollars. If you have a legal budget, do as much as you can before reaching out to us. Being prepared to speak to our law firm also helps our lawyers give you the most accurate advice possible.

Amanda Deveaux

Ms. Deveaux went to school at the University of Windsor followed by Bond University in Australia.

She use to work as a judicial clerk for the UN in Holland. Amanda also has experience in litigation regarding real estate.

Amanda is willing to do both negotiation, domestic agreements, and go to trial for both family law and estate disputes.

Learn more about family law by reviewing our YouTube channel.

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*Amanda works in association with Devinder Brar Professional Corporation. She is also a partner in her own family law firm in Toronto.


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844-466-6LAW (529)