Chang Jun Qiao

Chang Jun has joined ClearWay Law as a board member.

Chang Jun is a Chinese entrepreneur who specializes in real estate development and television show production. He is the CEO of Fu He Yuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd and Fu He Yuan Investment Co., Ltd.  He has built over 200,000 square meters of property that provides homes for over 10,000 people in Beijing and Shandong province. The two towers condo he built at the beginning of the Jinghang Grand Canal has become the one of landmarks of Tongzhou District, Beijing.

He is also the founder of Beijing Donglun International Cultural media Co., Ltd. His company produced many popular TV shows that won “NO.1 Audience Rating” award of Beijing TV and Shanghai Show TV.

He not only invests in producing TV shows, but also writes scripts in his spare time.  He is enthusiastic about golfing and cycling. He established and sponsored the Tongzhou Cycling Association. He launched the first Highway Cycling Competition in Tongzhou, Beijing.

Chang Jun spends his time evenly between China, USA, and Canada. He became interested in ClearWay’s plan to expand into Beijing to open immigration consulting firm that would help Chinese people immigrate to Canada and Canadian immigration lawyers to access to a bigger market.

ClearWay Law is happy to have him on the board providing valuable feedback and contacts for our future China expansion.

Contact Chang Jun Qiao

844-466-6LAW (529)