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Tianjin China Law Firm


Are you looking for a Tianjin China law firm? You have come to the right place. Our lawyers in China are in the major cities, including Tianjin. You can also meet a lawyer in Beijing if that works better for you. The city borders Beijing, so it is very close. We can have a lawyer call you for a free 15-minute consultation. Also, our lawyers can simply email you.

Most of the work the lawyers do is a family law and business law related to Tianjin.

Our law firm is located at 238 Liuwei Road, Tianjin, Tianjin 300012. You can see the location below. It is by booked consultation only.

Students In Tianjin Wanting To Start A Business

There are many students at Tianjin International School, Tianjin Polytechnic University, and Tianjin Normal University. They come from foreign countries, and sometimes want to stay in China to start a business. If you are going to Tianjin International School, Tianjin Polytechnic University, or Tianjin Normal University, you can work with one of our lawyers to get your business started.

Our lawyer can assist you in getting certified by the Chinese government. You will need to make sure you are legally protected. Also, you will need to get properly set up to pay taxes in China.

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China Marine Shipping Agency Tianjin Company Limited

Here are some major companies in Tianjin. If you are planning to do a joint venture or sign a contract with any of these companies, hire one of our business lawyers first. These are major companies that will know Chinese law. You need a law firm to make sure you are legally protected (and following Chinese law.)

If you ship a product to Beijing, it will likely arrive in Tianjin. It will then go via train or truck to Beijing. Below is their information. If you plan to do business with them, contact us. We had a hard time finding a proper website for “china marine shipping agency tianjin company limited.”

No.86, Tanggu Xingang Road, Binhai New Area
TianjinTianjin300450  China
Limited Company Subsidiary

You can see our law firm office above. It is a nice office, with water, tea, and coffee waiting for you. There is a receptionist available to assist.

Tianjin China Law Firm Services

Danfoss Tianjin LTD

Danfoss Tianjin LTD

This company has a website and appears to be legitimate. If you are planning to purchase equipment from them, make sure you have strong agreements in place. You will want to make sure there is a clause for international arbitration. If you are entering into business with Danfross Tianjin LTD, contact us.

Things they sell: Power Solutions, Cooling, Drives, Heating, Industrial Automation, High Pressure Pumps
10th Floor Jinwan Manshion, Nankai District, 358# NanJing Road
300100 Tianjin, Tianjin

Tianjin Wanlei Steel Pipe Co Ltd

This company was founded in 2011 in Tianjin. They appear to be a successful steel company. You will want to make sure the quality of the steel is top level, and that it arrives in time. Therefore, hire one of our business lawyers to create the tight contract for you.

Tianjin Wanlei Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd

TEL: 86-22-65815991

Tianjin Bohaihongda Metal Products Co Ltd

They appear to be a company of less than five people without a website. They are listed on Alibaba, but otherwise hard to find. You will want to have an extremely tight contract when purchasing products from “Tianjin bohaihongda metal products co Ltd.” We had a hard time finding proper pictures for the company. One of our lawyers could do due diligence for you on the company.

Tianjin Bohaihongda Metal Products Co Ltd

Interesting facts about Tianjin

  • you can arrive via the Binhai International Airport
  • the city focuses on foreign trade
  • Tianjin is located in northern China
  • it is a port city
  • it was a major city during the Qing Dynasty
  • the port is near the Yellow Sea (but actually on the Bohai Sea)


“Make sure you do your research before you come to market. You do not want to figure things out as you go in China.”

If you have more questions about how ClearWay Law can help you find a Tianjin China Law Firm, learn about us on our videos.

FAQs | Tianjin China Law Firm

How can I protect my IP?

Yes, we will connect you with a lawyer that speaks your language..

How much does a business lawyer in China cost?

Lawyers in Chongqing often work quickly once hired.

How can I verify a seller is legit in China?

Do your market research before coming to China. Factories are very popular in southwestern China. If your business involves trade, it is likely a good city for you.

Is it complicated to set up a company in China?

It’s extremely hard to set up a company in China. That is why you need to speak to a business lawyer today.

How does the ClearWay Law system work?

We will have an attorney in China call you. Let us know which city you want the attorney to be in.

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