Toronto Business Lawyers

Toronto Business Lawyers

ClearWay Law is excited to announce our expansion into business law. We now offer Toronto Business Lawyers. We currently have two lawyers are able to assist with corporate law planning or issues.

If you need a Toronto business lawyer, call us toll free 844-466-6529. You can also reach out via live chat or book a free 15-minute consultation directly on the website. Pick a time that works for you and we will call you.


Jean has extensive experience in both the Small Claims Court and Superior Court of Justice, litigating on behalf of both small business owners and individuals alike. Jean can be found in court most days claiming damages that stem from breach of contract, inducement of breach of contract, unpaid goods/services, debt recovery, and unjust enrichment.

Jean-Claude helps organizations structure, negotiate and finance their business strategies. Jean has been involved with numerous businesses and organizations at all stages of development from incorporation and financing to sale.

Jean-Claude is a flexible lawyer that can help with a wide varity with issues. He prefers to help clients that will become long term clients, versus short term issues. He wants to “partner” with his clients, and grow together.

Jean works hard on providing excellant communication to his clients.

Our Toronto business lawyers can help with the following:

  • Business contract creation
  • Business contract review
  • Franchising your company
  • Buying a franchise
  • Corporate lawsuit
  • Business mediation
  • Business arbitration
  • Trademarks
  • Licensing agreements
  • Bitcoin business

Our Toronto business lawyers will “partner” with your company to create plan to protect it.

ClearWay Law has multiple locations across the greater Toronto area. This makes it easier for our clients to meet with us.

Putting in place the right kind of corporate structure is important to staying in business. If a business wants to one day grow to other cities or countries, they must make sure they are legally protected from the beginning. There are additional risks now a days such as having to be socially responsible. This goes far above the requirements of business law regulations.

Toronto Business Lawyers

Board of Directors

The board of directors of a company is often a very important part of being successful. Before a well-known business person signs on to join your board, they will want to know your company is legally sound. The main point of a board of directors is to be the middle between the shareholders (normally investors, sometimes employees) and the managers (normally the CEO and other C level managers.)

A board of directors is important because it can help companies move to the next level. It can help the CEO see the bigger picture but more importantly, keep the CEO accountable. There is nothing more stress from shareholders than a CEO that can do whatever they want without any kind of repercussions.

Business Owners Have Lots of Questions about Business Law

How do you protect your business from lawsuits?

There are so many business scandals. How ethical does a company need to be?

Business Law in Toronto

Lawyers are made to protect the general population. Municipal, provincial and federal laws apply to businesses. And ignorance of the law is no excuse. The business world is very complex. Making lots of sales is not enough to ensure your company does well. If you own a restaurant and someone slips outside your restaurant, will you get sued? How will you react? What happened if there is a trademark dispute?

It is important to keep good records to protect your business. If a legal issue makes it as far as court, evidence will be required to prove or defend the claim. Keeping cameras around if you have customers visit your business is a great idea.

Toronto Business Lawyers Suggest Keeping:

  • All payroll and registration documents for the business
  • If someone gets hurt, document everything about the incident
  • If there are any disputes or allegations, quickly respond and investigate

Business Law is Civil Law

Civil law is different than criminal law. Civil cases involved two individuals or groups that cannot agree on something. An example of this is a business dispute, family law issue, and estate disputes. This is what our law firm focuses on.

It is a plaintiff (who started the case) versus the defendant (person sued.) The decision is based on the balance of probabilities, which means that the side with the more probable evidence succeeds.

The case often first goes to a pre-trial conference. There is also often a pre-trial settlement. Most of the time there is no jury, just a judge.

Business Law Definitions

Lawsuit– A dispute between two or more parties brought before a court for a decision

Plaintiff– a person(s) or company that sues another person or company

Defendant– the person that answers the lawsuit and defends them self

Settlement– resolution of the dispute that is acceptable to both sides bringing the matter to an end

Litigation– a complex process to resolve a legal dispute in the court system

Claim– the plaintiff’s legal assertion or demand for a lass; the defendant can respond to this claim

Appeal– when the losing party wants to fight the judgement

Who Can Be A Plaintiff or Defendant?

  • Municipal, provincial, federal government
  • Non-profit organization
  • Individuals
  • Companies

Litgiation can be called any of the following:

  • Application
  • Case
  • Lawsuit
  • Matter
  • Action
  • Proceeding

Alternative Dispute Resolution

When a lawsuit has been started, it is important that Toronto Business Lawyers are hired. If the claim is very small, it might be possible to deal with it yourself in small claims court. But most businesses hire business attorneys even when the claim is small. The businesses reputation is important and losing a lawsuit doesn’t look good.

One of our business lawyers can walk you through other options besides going to court. Court is very expensive, and the outcome can be unknown. If you lose your case, it is possible that the judge might award the other side with costs.

Mediation and arbitration are both options that do not require going to court. An additional benefit in staying out of court is that it is private. You do not want the opposing party saying nasty things about your company in court. There may be media reporters in the court looking for interesting stories.

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