Waterloo Family Lawyers

Waterloo Family Lawyer FAQs 

No, they cannot represent you. Only a lawyer can represent you. However, a judge might allow a family member to speak for you if you are unable for some reason. The judge can make the decision. The other side will likely object to anyone speaking for you who is not a lawyer.

The point of a case conference is to get together with the other side to discuss the case. The judges will not make rulings about custody. More likely, you will discuss the dates for the discovery of documents, financial disclosure, and the trial. You also might discuss how many days the trial will need to be.

It’s actually both. That is what makes it so confusing. Every province has their own provincial laws. But the Divorce Act also applies (and is federal.) You have to learn at least two Acts for family law.

It’s better to tell the lawyer about your case and answer the lawyers questions. Let the lawyer determine what is important in your case. They know what the courts will want to see.

Each province has their own laws. There can be other complications as well if the child has a handicap. Common ages are 18 or 19 years old.

Paralegals often mostly deal with documents. They rarely go to court. Paralegals have strict rules for what they can and cannot do. Lawyers, however, can create documents and go to court. Paralegals do not need to go to law school. They have different training.