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What Is A Family Law Case Conference?

What Is A Family Law Case Conference?

A lot of people in Toronto call our family law firm and ask what a family law case conference is. They mostly agree that negotiating with their spouse has failed and things are starting to get more serious. They did not contact any lawyers when they started the separation or support issues a long time ago because they never thought it would get this far. Now they know they need a family lawyer to help them.

If you are looking for an Ontario law firm, please call our number toll free at 844-466-6529. We can then appoint one of our family lawyers to your case. We can assign a lawyer that is closest to you. Our law firm can also select lawyers depending on your budget. Our lawyers’ rates vary depending on how senior they are.

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What is a family law case conference?

Case conferences happen before issues go to family court. The goal is to agree on as many things as possible to reduce the amount of court time needed. Most of the time the case conference is held in a conference room at the courthouse. If the parties don’t have lawyers representing them, it will normally happen in the family court room. This is because there will be a need to keep things organized. When people go to court without lawyers, things can get messy and it puts a massive amount of stress on the court system.

Case conference normally lasts between 1-6 hours depending on how many issues there are. It also depends on if progress is being made or not.

Case Conference

Unbundled services

We have been getting a lot of calls for limited scope retainers. Many people want a family lawyer to help them prepare for court. They might be willing to spend around $5K on legal fees, but no more. They are okay with going to court by themselves, but they need help preparing for the case conference. Our family law firm can help you prepare for court. Speak to us first, sign the lawyer agreement, and then send the lawyer everything they need to help prepare for the conference. Since a meeting is not required with the lawyer, the lawyer can assist anyone in Ontario. Most of the communication happens on the phone and email.

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Family Law Judge

The case conference will happen at the beginning of each family law litigation. The judge will want to see how many of the issues can be agreed upon. The judge will also be looking to make short term orders (temporary) while things progress. This is often related to child custody as the courts want to protect children. Issue like property division can normally wait until later.

It is also important that all documents are exchanged prior to the court dates. Financial documents and other documents will need to be sent to each other.

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