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BEST Windsor Family Lawyer | Ontario Family Law

Windsor Family Lawyer | Ontario Family Law 

Are you looking for a Windsor family lawyer? Our Ontario family lawyers can help you. What many people don’t know in Ontario, is that seeing a lawyer can be like seeing a dentist. It can take weeks to meet with a family lawyer. If you are afraid your child is going to be taken away by your spouse, and/or if you are living in a hotel room, chances are you want to speak to a Windsor family lawyer much sooner.

Clearway Law was created to make it much easier to access lawyers. We want to be able to show clients the clear way forward.

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You can reach our service one of three ways:

  1. Book a meeting on our main page (just pick a time and date)
  2. Call our intake service toll free at 1-844-466-6529
  3. Reach out to us via the live chat function in the bottom right of the screen

Windsor Family Lawyer

Our family lawyers can help with the following, but it is not a complete list. We offer “law for families” so you can protect what is most important to you.

  • Marriage agreements
  • Separation agreements
  • Custody agreements
  • Common-law agreements
  • Wills
  • Probate
  • Small business

Windsor Family Lawyer

We can normally offer very competitive flat rates. This covers the drafting of the agreements, if you or the other parties want changes made, that becomes extra. Our lawyers have no control over how much negotiation the parties will do.

Our lawyers try to keep their clients out of family law court, as the average person cannot afford to spend $10K fighting it out in court. While some people feel that’s what they want to do when they call in, we try and move them towards creating something like a separation agreement instead. This makes the process more quick and cheap for the client.

Spending $1800 is a lot more affordable than $10,000.

If you want to learn more about family law in Canada, have a look at our YouTube videos.

You can learn more about how to help a child deal with separation in the video below.