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We work hard on connecting lawyers and clients

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Our staff works remotely which protects the environment

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We want clients to have a transformative, not transactional, experience.

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We want clients to come out of conflict stronger than before.

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Why do we get 5-star reviews? The top lawyers on our platform care deeply about their clients.

We are a free service for the public

A lot of people have a hard time finding the right lawyer. Are Google reviews credible? Are all lawyers equal in service and price? We connect people to a lawyer near them that practices in the right area of law… for free!

land owned by the debtor

We have lawyers all across Canada for many areas of law

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Find The Top Lawyers In Canada

At ClearWay Law, lawyers do things differently to make sure you get the best advice and representation for your family law needs. Lawyers do this as quickly and easily as possible and without any hidden costs. We encourage the lawyers on our platform to use transparent fees which helps you stay focused on a clear way forward.

ClearWay To A Separation

Many people connect ClearWay Law to find a family lawyer. Once you have made the decision to separate, the first step to a peaceful resolution is often creating a separation agreement that you both can agree on.

See Available Lawyers

The lawyers on our platform represent and advise clients on all issues related to family law. The lawyers main priority is to be your partner through legal disputes, not just your legal counsel.

The ClearWay Process

We know life is complicated, so the lawyers make their process as easy and as clear as possible. Book a no-obligation consultation and and speak to a lawyer to uncomplicate things.

Lawyers Clear Fees

No one likes hidden fees or a bill they weren’t expecting. Many lawyers offer flat fee billing as much as possible so you can stop worrying about what it is going to cost you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Family law issues like divorce can be very complicated. We know you must have a lot of questions, so we have answered the most frequent ones we hear.

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"My friend booked a consultation at this family law firm. They are self represented and the lawyer helped them even though they were not hired full time. My friend was super happy"
- Cristine P
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