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Clearway LawFrequently Asked Questions

Is Clearway Law a law firm?

No. Clearway Law is a free service designed to help connect people in need of legal representation with qualified lawyers. Clearway is not a law firm, does not provide legal advice, and is not affiliated with any lawyers or law firms.

Does Clearway Law provide legal advice?

No. Clearway Law is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice. Clearway Law does not and cannot form a lawyer-client relationship with any party for any reason.

What is the purpose of Clearway Law?

The goal of Clearway Law is twofold: Help improve access to justice by educating the public about how to access qualified legal representation. And, help the legal industry become more accessible to the public.

Does Clearway Law cost money?

No. Lawyers and members of the public are free to use Clearway Law at no charge. We do, however, offer (optional) paid plans for lawyers that wish to access some of our more advanced features.

Does Clearway Law make any money from my case?

No. Any formation of a lawyer-client relationship assisted by Clearway Law is not subject to compensation to Clearway Law.

Are all lawyers listed on Clearway Law?

Not necessarily. Clearway Law has endeavored to provide a comprehensive listing of legal professionals in Canada, however, this does not mean that our database is a complete representation of all qualified legal practitioners. We are continually updating our records and are always appreciative when we're notified of any deficiencies in our database.

How do I get listed on Clearway Law?

In order to be listed on Clearway Law you must be a lawyer licensed to practice in one or more Canadian jurisdictions. In the event you are not able to locate or claim your profile, please contact us at intakemanager[at]clearwaylaw[dot]com and we would be happy to assist.

How do I respond to reviews on Clearway Law?

It's easy! Locate your profile on Clearway Law and click "Claim Your Profile". Follow the profile claim steps to setup your Clearway Law account. Once complete, click the avatar (profile picture) in the top-right corner and select "Settings". Click the "Reviews" tab followed by "Add Reply" next to the relevant review.

Can I have a Clearway Law review removed?

Possibly. In order to preserve the integrity of the reviews process, Clearway Law will only consider revisions to reviews that violate our guidelines which require that reviews are fair, factual, and based on personal experience.


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