Skilled Legal Expertise for Every Situation.

Let Clearway help you source the best legal expertise for your needs. Choose from any of these areas of legal specialty:

Family matters including: divorce, custody, child protection and paternity.
Real Estate
Buying, selling, developing, using, or trading in Real Estate assets/dwellings.
Any acts that are deemed violations of the Criminal Code and may result in prosecution.
Labour and employment issues including termination, work injury, harassment and others.
Assistance with immigrating, refugee status, as well as related hearings and forms.
Personal Injury
Any injuries to the body or mind caused by negligence or misconduct.
Wills, Trusts & Estates
Anything related to the distribution of assets following death.
Law related to commerce, business, merchandise, sales and trade.
Lawyers dealing in taxes, duties, or levies collected by state or federal authorities.
Intellectual Property
Trademarks, Copyright, Patents, and any other inventions or creative works.
Legal process that provides releif from debt and other obligations to creditors.
Legal dispute resolution process designed to resolve complaints via the courts.
Lawyers who specialize in traffic fines, prohibitions, and impaired driving charges.
Legal support for insurance claims, policies, settlements and awards.
Human Rights
Lawyers protecting your rights under the Charter, and Declaration of Human Rights.
Other Areas of Law
Clearway can help connect you with a qualified local lawyer for any type of case.