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At ClearWay Law we try to make things as clear and easy as possible starting with our intake process. If you call us, you can speak to someone right away about your issue. Once we have your information, a lawyer will call you back. The process and the costs are what most potential clients want to know when they call in. Therefore, that is what our lawyers focus on. After someone becomes a client, the lawyer focuses on communication.

Initial Consultation With A Top Lawyer

Complete our consultation form as thoroughly as possible. Provide as much detail as possible. This will help us connect you to the best lawyer for you. Please bring with you any relevant documentation such as court orders, court applications, and/or pleadings. Be prepared for the meeting with the lawyer by bringing your top questions or concerns. Also, during the consultation, one of our lawyers will also be asking a lot of questions. This is to find out more about your situation and then will provide recommendations on how to move forward.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our goal at ClearWay Law is to help you come to a fair agreement with the hopes of not having to go to court. We support the Family Law Act’s alternative dispute resolution. This is a requirement for lawyers to use alternative dispute resolutions processes to reach agreements without going to court. Further, your assigned lawyer will discuss this option with you during your consultation.

Next Steps

After your initial consultation, if you choose to hire the lawyer you were connected to, they will send you a list of items they need. This might include income statements, a list of assets and debts, etc. Also, this will need to be sent to the assigned lawyer so they can quickly get up to speed. Once they are ready, they can start helping you move forward.