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Please note we have more lawyers than are listed on this page. A number of lawyers did not want their picture online. As such, they did not show up on this page. Our law firm is also moving 100% online, so there are some staff changes.

At ClearWay Law we understand how complicated separation and divorce can be and work to ensure that things continue to move in the right direction quickly. Our family law lawyers also have experience in dispute resolution and their main priority is to keep you out of the courtroom as much as possible.

We offer years of experience in handling separation and divorce proceedings, as well as child custody and child and spousal support. Don’t go it alone! We will provide you with a clear way forward.

If you are not ready to book a consultation and have questions contact us.

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Our Team

Our Lawyers

Our family lawyers solve our clients issues by listening, planning, and following through on the plan. It is our lawyers job to identify what is most important to the client. No client is excited to hire a family law firm for litigation. However, they are willing to do so if they receive results. No one wants to waste money.

The most important part of our lawyers role is communicating updates with our clients. Our firm uses the highest level of software to ensure this happens as efficiently as possible.

Our Staff

The staff at ClearWay Law are focused on following through with our mission statement. Our mission is to make the family law industry less painful and less broken.

Lawyers are always rushing in and out of court. Our staff support our lawyers by keeping the lawyers organized.

Our staff are constantly reviewing our clients files to make sure the lawyers did not overlook any small details.

Our Clear Fees

At ClearWay Law we want you to feel comfortable knowing what you are going to pay to resolve your legal issue. As much as possible we offer flat fee billing that will be determined by your Lawyer prior to engagement.

Some of our lawyers offer free 30 minute consultations, some charge for an hour consultation. It depends on how senior the lawyer is. We have multiple locations which can be seen at the bottom of this page, and welcome your call at 844-466-6LAW (529)

Our Process

At ClearWay Law we try to make things as clear and easy as possible starting with our overall process. Once you decide to engage with ClearWay Law to represent you we are required by the Law Society of Ontario to ensure there is no conflict of interest related to your case, or with the person you have a dispute with. We will do this check over the phone with you.

Initial Consultation

Complete our consultation form as thoroughly as possible. This will allow us to use our 1-hour consultation time efficiently. We charge a consultation flat fee of $100. Call us at 1.844.466.6LAW or book a time online.

Please bring with you any relevant documentation such as court orders, court applications and/or pleadings. Be prepared for our meeting by bringing your top questions or concerns. During our consultation one of our lawyers will also be asking a lot of questions to find out more about your situation and then will provide recommendations on how to move forward.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our goal at ClearWay Law is to help you come to a fair agreement with the hopes of not having to go to court. We support the family law act’s alternative dispute resolution which is a requirement for lawyers to use alternative dispute resolutions processes to reach agreements without going to court. Your assigned lawyer will discuss this option with you during your consultation.

Next Steps

After your initial consultation if you choose to hire ClearWay Law we will send you a list of items such as income statements, list of assets and debts, etc. that will need to be sent to your assigned lawyer so they can quickly get up to speed and start helping you move forward.

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