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Alistair Vigier | Pushing Lawyers To Change

Alistair Vigier

Alistair Vigier is the CEO of ClearWay Law. Mr. Vigier lives in Toronto, Canada, and was awarded the BC Business 30 under 30 award. He also received the Victoria Police Civic Service Award for stopping car theft.

He was born in Toronto but lived in Victoria and Vancouver for many years. Alistair nows lives in Toronto and spends his time growing the company.

Alistair also writes for Canadian Lawyer, Law Times, Business In Vancouver and the Vancouver Sun. You can see his work by Googling him.

Who’s someone you admire, and why?

I have always looked up to Arnold Schwarzenegger as he is multi-talented. He was a successful bodybuilder, movie star, and politician. The only thing he ever failed at in his life was as a husband.

I look up to him because he has such a positive outlook on work. He decided he was going to be a bodybuilder, so he worked hard at it.

He then pivoted and went into the movie industry instead of just staying at the top of the bodybuilding industry.

Once he was done with athletics, probably because of his age, he moved onto being the governor of California.

What are your three pet peeves?

  • When people are late (basically means my time is less valuable than yours).
  • People that take advantage of situations (even though we all have done it at some point).
  • People that don’t take care of those that care for them.

What’s a typical day like for you?

It changes a lot! I travel between Victoria, Vancouver, Toronto, Shanghai, and Beijing. My typical day in each place is completely different. In Vancouver, I enjoy running up mountains and in Beijing, I enjoy eating yummy food all day!

Do you have any hidden talents?

I am both scared and love public speaking. I feel that if I trained myself and did it more often, I could be the next Tony Robbins! Helping people grow is one of my favorite things to do.

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